Waste wood shredding

A sustainable resource. A wealth of opportunity

The intelligent re-use of wood is not a new phenomenon – as one of the world’s oldest materials, this sustainable resource has been recycled and/or repurposed for thousands of years. But the global wood processing landscape continues to change extensively.

In the UK, the Wood Recyclers Association has calculated that approximately 2.8 million tonnes (60%) of the country’s waste wood is being recycled – and that figure is expected to rise. In Austria, the forestry and wood processing industries are important elements of the country’s economy – in fact, biomass is widely regarded as the most important renewable energy source, with the nation’s ratio for biomass production/utilisation way above average.

But wood shredding, recycling and biomass production isn’t always trouble-free. Until now...

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Why shred MSW?

  • Whilst the reduction of waste at source is undoubtedly the priority – and the public’s environmental conscience is rising – MSW levels in the UK remain difficult to manage. Local authorities, MRFs and alternative fuel producers have a duty to maximise reuse, recycling and energy recovery rates from this complex waste stream.
  • Municipal Solid Waste – in its many forms – can be shredded and liberated to aid the optimum performance of downstream sorting equipment, for maximum waste hierarchy compliance.
  • Shredding doesn’t just achieve waste volume reduction. There is an ever-growing appetite within the UK and overseas to transform MSW into a Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) – an increasingly popular fossil fuel substitute.
  • The production of high-quality RDF supports the UK’s resource agenda, aids compliance with waste regulations and ever-stringent targets, and represents an income generation opportunity for industry operators.

How can UNTHA help you shred MSW?


Our MSW shredders have been purposefully engineered with this application in mind – that means they’re built specifically to handle this waste stream, with dozens of features to deliver maximum performance.


Client return on investment (ROI) is our number one priority – that’s why we manufacture robust, long lasting, easy-to-maintain MSW shredders, with high availability, throughputs of up to 70 tonnes per hour, and wear costs as low as £3 per tonne. All of this with up to 80% increased yield on ferrous and non-ferrous material, which could pay for the machine in as little as 12 months!


The contents of MSW can never be guaranteed, which is why our shredders contain inbuilt foreign object protection to avoid costly machine damage, breakdowns, and unplanned downtime.


With three cutter concepts and variable rotor speeds, there’s no such thing as a one size fits all MSW shredder – we can help you achieve a homogenous fraction of anything from <30mm to 400mm, with throughputs of up to 70 tph. Our machines can even be supplied as static or mobile technology!


Having recognised alternative fuel production experts within the UNTHA team, we have played a key role in shaping the performance of hundreds of Waste to Energy (WtE) plants in the UK, Europe, Asia, America and Australia.


We were one of the first equipment manufacturers to help clients boost their duty of care to staff, thanks to the machine’s ergonomic design considerations, low noise and low dust. We’ve even written for the British Safety Council on this very topic!


We know seeing is believing, so we offer free trials at our North Yorkshire HQ, enabling you to test our MSW shredders using your own materials.

What waste wood can we shred?

Our range of waste wood shredders

  • A compact yet powerful pallet shredder, which slots neatly into any production facility and comfortably processes 30 pallets per hour.

  • This world-renowned machine has changed the face of biomass shredding, promising defined fraction sizing, low maintenance and uninterrupted shredding with minimum fuss.

  • Popular with operators who prefer to alternate the location of their unit, from a fire safety and insurance perspective. Also easy to move around a site to handle different wood streams.

  • A high throughput, low maintenance pallet shredder that guarantees particle precision - in operation worldwide and known to run for decades!

Crapper & Sons

“We’re now manufacturing a higher quality, on-specification biomass fuel, with only one shredder not two, and we’re benefitting from 20% more uptime. We’re also getting about 18 tonnes of clean metal a week from 1000 tonnes of wood waste, which we can now sell. The XR’s low noise and reduced energy consumption of course add to the benefits of the shredder, and its low dust, slower speed electric drive makes our woodyard a far safer place.”

Lee McGlone, operations manager

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