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WEEE - a growing recycling challenge

In today’s throwaway society, waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) poses one of the world’s biggest recycling problems. Despite stringent regulations, more than 2 million tonnes of WEEE are produced and discarded every year, in the UK alone. But within every piece of ‘redundant’ equipment lie a number of high-value component parts that – in line with the waste hierarchy – should be liberated, segregated and recycled. It doesn’t just make environmental sense – this methodology can yield impressive business revenue too.

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Why shred WEEE?

  • The circular economy is only going to grow, so the valuable commodities found within WEEE should not be carelessly disposed of. With clever thinking, they can be salvaged and recycled/reused.
  • The recovery of high-worth Platinum Group Metals (PGMs) and Rare Earth Metals (REMs) doesn’t just enhance UK resource security – it is a profitable business too.
  • Legislative compliance is non-negotiable and, with the 2019 extension of the WEEE Regulations, the rules are getting tighter.
  • Whilst policing is improving, the illegal trade and processing of WEEE risks hazardous substances such as cadmium and mercury entering general waste streams.
  • How can UNTHA help you shred WEEE?

    Our e-waste shredders are purposefully engineered to liberate the high-value recyclates within redundant equipment, with complete DIN-level compliance. Four shaft shredding technology with configurable screens guarantees a homogenous particle size of anything between 15-100mm, depending on your specification. Particle consistency = maximum revenue.

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  • Your bottom line is our priority.

    Invest in a WEEE shredder with low capital outlay, from only £50 per day, and process WEEE from as little as 50p per unit.

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  • We have six WEEE shredders in our range

    We have small machines designed to securely destroy hard drives and mobile phones, through to 22 tonne equipment capable of shredding washing machines and extreme WEEE scrap.

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  • Useful features

    We’ve thought about the features our scrap and WEEE recyclers need, including a rugged cutting system, foreign object protection, ease of operation and maintenance, process flexibility, high machine availability, impressive throughputs, operator safety and wellbeing, an energy-saving drive concept, low noise and dust generation, and special bearings/shaft seals for long-term durability.

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  • Visit the test centre

    We know seeing is believing, so we offer free trials at our North Yorkshire HQ, enabling you to test our electronic shredding abilities using your own materials.

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What WEEE can we shred?

Our range of WEEE Shredders

  • These robust yet neat UNTHA RS30 and RS40 machines are perfect for lighter volumes of WEEE or smaller electrical items.

  • The UNTHA RS150 is the largest four shaft shredder in the range, built to withstand the pressures of even the most extreme WEEE shredding.

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  • A robust two-shaft ZR pre-shredder with a cutting table designed specifically for tackling tricky WEEE and large domestic appliances. Low speed. High torque. Maximum performance.

Altech Trading Company

“now processing WEEE that would have been uneconomic to handle without this UNTHA shredder on hand, which means more projects, reduced costs and greater revenue yield.”

Colin Warren, Managing Director

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