Delve inside your shredder’s brain

Using several intuitive sensors, in-built within your shredder, you can analyse up to 100 process values including:

    • Speed and torque
    • Machine utilisation
    • Conveyor power (apparent and real)
    • Electric motor temperature
    • Cooling water temperature
    • Oil temperature
    • Energy consumption & costs
    • Network quality
    • Aggregate efficiency
    • And more…

UNTHA GENIUS - shredder monitoring tool

Delve inside your ‘shredder’s brain’ with UNTHA GENIUS – a real-time, cloud based condition monitoring tool, enabling you to optimise the performance of your machine, regardless of location.

The benefits

Why does machine data matter?

Peter Streinik, head of global sales

“UNTHA GENIUS delivers utmost transparency when it comes to process-critical data. This degree of business intelligence has never been so important. It empowers customers with the information they need to boost their operations, protect employee safety and maximise margins.”

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