Pallet shredding

A sustainable resource. A wealth of opportunity

Wooden pallets are a staple part of most storage and distribution facilities, with warehouses, logistics firms, manufacturers and more, relying on these sturdy products to stack and move their goods.

But in busy operational environments – particularly where space is at a premium – single-use pallets soon become difficult to house, and even renowned reusable wooden pallets such as the EPAL-marked Euro Pallet will reach its end of life over time. In the consumer market, comparatively small numbers of pallets are upcycled and remanufactured into furniture and consumables. In industrial settings, pallet shredding represents an environmentally responsible and efficient way of handling this popular material stream.

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Why shred pallets?

  • While wooden pallets may be easy to stack, in space-constrained facilities they still take up valuable room, and in some instances, present a fire risk. If the pallets are worn or damaged, there is therefore an eagerness to get them off-site. Selecting a responsible waste contractor who will ensure they are recycled instead of being destined for landfill, is one thing. But these bulky products soon fill skips, which means the ongoing transportation – not to mention the associated waste management fees – can prove costly and inefficient. Shredding reduces the volume of the wooden pallet waste and optimises the onward logistics of the material – saving money and avoidable environmental impact.
  • Industrial pallet shredders engineered specifically for this application, transform a waste problem into a valuable resource – a homogenous wood chip which can be sold. The focus for operators isn’t then just the reduction of waste disposal costs, but the creation of additional revenue.
  • The shredded wooden pallets can be sorted for recycling, depending on the grade of chips produced. Clean Grade A pallet waste can be used for remanufacturing or animal bedding, for instance.

How can UNTHA help you shred pallets?


Our robust shredders can easily handle wooden material contaminated with screws, nails and other packaging materials contained within pallet waste. A simple magnet system can then extract these recyclables, for maximum output product quality and environmental gain.


Energy efficiency matters to us, so talk to us about design features such as the UNTHA Eco Drive – engineered to drive down fuel consumption to better protect the environment and reduce energy costs by up to 75%, compared to competitors’ machines.


Our PS1300 pallet shredder achieves 4:1 volume reduction success, which reduces waste disposal costs by 75%. With savings quickly reaching thousands of pounds per month for many UNTHA customers, this means our machinery rapidly pays for itself (and that’s before you consider the wider space and safety benefits that come from a tidier site!)


Our industrial pallet shredders are also slow speed, yet high torque, meaning more on-specification outputs, less dust, reduced fire risk and an all-round safer operation. They’re engineered with low noise in mind too!


We have a range of industrial wooden pallet shredders, designed specifically for this material stream. So, not only can we ensure you produce the perfect fraction every time with maximum throughputs and minimum downtime, but our waste experts can also advise on the shredding process from start to finish – even down to guidance on what to do with the wood chips you create!


We don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’. So, whether you need a compact pallet shredder to neatly slot into a small space, or a vast workhorse capable of processing ultra-high volumes of wood waste per hour, we can help. Think different in-feed and discharge methods, different cutting concepts, different output specifications – the list goes on when it comes to ease of configurability for maximum application flexibility. What’s more, many of our wooden pallet shredders can also handle other waste wood streams for utmost operational versatility and return on investment.

Our range of pallet shredders

  • Specifically designed to handle only wooden pallets, this is a powerful woodchipper capable of shredding up to 30 pallets per hour, down to 30mm. Available for as little as £250+VAT per week.

  • A high throughput, low maintenance wooden pallet shredder with larger in-feed aperture capable of processing up to 2 tonnes of pallets per hour – in operation worldwide and known to run for decades.

  • Available as a static or mobile pallet shredder, this globally-acclaimed machine – with its three cutting concepts and maximum flexibility – has changed the face of high-volume, uninterrupted biomass shredding.

Did you know?

A company using a standard PS1300 shredder to produce a 30mm biomass product, at an average rate of 30 pallets per hour* and based on a market value of £65/tonne for the shredded chip, can achieve a gross profit of £31.11 per hour, £1377.68 per week, £4407.67 per month and a whopper £52892 per year!

Britain’s Bravest Manufacturing Company

“As a not-for-profit enterprise, our entire surplus is reinvested back into the company to offer greater opportunities to ex-service personnel and people with disabilities. Because our shredder has helped us make a huge reduction in cost, UNTHA can proudly say they are making a real difference to these peoples’ lives.”

David Church, operations manager

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