At UNTHA, sustainability
is in our DNA…

Having been involved in the resource industry for almost fifty years, our commitment to the environment is deep rooted. Here are just some of the ways we strive to protect our planet:

Our shredding technology is engineered to make optimum use of surplus or ‘waste’ materials that may otherwise be destined for landfill. With six machine types in our range – used by clients worldwide – we can process almost any waste stream. The goal is to aid the reuse, recycling or energy recovery of resources that still contain a vast amount of value.

The waste hierarchy always remains in sharp focus, so we will always prioritise the reuse of materials if that is possible. Even when we’re helping clients process materials such as confidential waste for compliance reasons, we have worked hard to design shredding systems that satisfy data protection regulations whilst protecting the recyclability of the shredded fraction.

Passionate about maximising the net environmental gain of every client operation, we have worked hard to reduce the carbon impact of our technology. UNTHA’s iconic eco-drive results in 50% reduced energy consumption when compared to competitor machinery, for instance, which protects the environment, drastically reduces fuel costs and accelerates the payback period of the shredder. Many clients even power our electric-driven machinery with the energy they create on-site, in a bid to achieve carbon neutral operations.

Did you know..? The energy consumption of a shredder increases by 100% when not changing the cutters at the correct time.

Our ISO14001 certification sits proudly within our hat trick of accreditations, alongside our ISO9001 (quality) and ISO45001 (health and safety) standards, which we have held since 2014. This independent recognition symbolises not only the environmental credentials of our shredding solutions but also our dedication, as a business, to demonstrate eco-conscious practices throughout every strand of our operations.

Passionate about doing even more for the country’s resource agenda, UNTHA UK’s managing director Marcus Brew is involved in the International Standards Organisation (ISO) TC300 Solid Recovered Fuels committee’s investigation into the desire and demand for standards, for the recovery of wastes for re-purposing. The goal is to further support the flexibility, economic value and re-use of materials currently considered purely for energy conversion.

Recognising the increasing popularity of electric vehicles – and keen to further boost our ‘green’ credentials – we have two EV charging points at our UK HQ. Free to use by customers and colleagues alike it helps keep everyone on the road, with ease, given we know how busy everyone is.

We’ve supported our colleagues on virtually every continent of the globe to help them tread new boundaries when it comes to maximising clients’ materials reuse, recycling and energy recovery rates. Whether we’re talking complex confidential materials, plastics,  sophisticated metal clean operations or even the transformation of medical waste into an alternative fuel, we are striving to divert as much from landfill, as we possibly can.