Commercial & Industrial (C&I) waste shredders

Transform today’s waste into tomorrow’s fuel

Once representing a costly disposal problem for UK businesses, commercial and industrial waste is now being increasingly harnessed for its resource potential. With operators the length and breadth of the country designing savvy lines to maximise material recovery rates for reuse and recycling, the residual ‘waste’ can now be processed, with ease, for alternative fuel production.

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Why shred C&I waste?

  • Varied, bulky and even baled C&I waste can be shredded and liberated to aid the optimum performance of downstream sorting equipment – for maximum recycling rates.
  • Shredding doesn’t just achieve waste volume reduction. There is an ever-growing appetite within the UK and overseas to utilise the resulting homogenous output fraction as a fossil fuel substitute within cement kilns and power stations.
  • The production of high-quality fuels such as RDF and SRF don’t just support the UK’s resource agenda – you can avoid eye-watering landfill costs and generate a revenue stream too!

How can UNTHA help you shred C&I waste?


Our flexible, highly-configurable technology is designed to handle a multitude of C&I waste streams and produce defined output specifications ranging from <30mm to 400mm, in a single pass or in combination with a pre-shredder.


We know that throughputs matter – and our shredders can process up to 40 tonnes per hour – but this can’t be to the detriment of wear costs, ease of maintenance, safety levels, environmental compliance or your bottom line. Our innovation centre in Austria works tirelessly to continually engineer C&I waste shredding solutions that tick all of these performance boxes and more.


Our machines are built with your profitability in mind – the UNTHA XR shredder can produce an alternative fuel for under £3.00 per tonne, including wear spares, maintenance and power. And, thanks to the energy consumption savings alone, your cashflow and operating costs can be reduced by 60% or over £40,000 per year, or £400,000 over the life of the shredder, compared to a diesel hydraulic machine. All of this with up to 80% increased yield on ferrous and non-ferrous material, which could pay for the machine in as little as 12 months!


Our C&I waste shredders have been designed by operators, for operators. We’ve worked hard to uncover the industry’s toughest shredding challenges and engineered technology that can tackle these difficulties, and more. Robust foreign object protection protects the machine from unexpected unshreddables, the revolutionary UNTHA Eco Drive halves energy consumption and running below 80dB(A) our waste shredders are the quietest on the market.


We have installed more than 200 static and mobile C&I waste shredders worldwide. What’s more, many clients seek our decades of expertise at the earliest stages of an alternative fuel production project so that we can help optimise the plant’s design, recommend a turnkey solution and even provide guidance on securing RDF/SRF routes to market thereafter.


We know seeing is believing, so we can arrange trials for our equipment on your site, enabling you to test our C&I waste shredders using your own materials.

What C&I waste can we shred?

Our range of C&I Shredders

  • With three cutter configurations and variable rotor speed for high performance alternative fuel production, there’s no such thing as a one size fits all C&I waste shredder.

  • The same great C&I waste shredding technology with inbuilt tracks and discharge conveyor for added on-site flexibility.

Rabbit Waste Management Ltd

“With 60% less energy consumption, equating to around £60,000 per year, the XR’s impact on our ‘green’ agenda – not to mention our bottom line – is vast.”

Duncan Barrass, director

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