Shredder hire package launched to meet demand for popular PS1300


UNTHA’s purpose-built PS1300 pallet shredder has proven so popular since its launch in 2021, that we have devised a new shredder hire package to meet rising demand for this compact but powerful machine.

Not only a hit with housebuilders, agricultural operators, and timber merchants, this turnkey pallet shredding solution – complete with in-built conveyor – has also been especially well received by manufacturers, warehouses and logistics firms with busy materials handling areas. The commonality among all PS1300 customers to date is that they have space-constrained sites, where pallets quickly pile up causing an unsightly problem and potential fire hazard – not to mention an expensive waste disposal headache due to their bulky nature. 

However, when customers shred their pallets using the PS1300, they can quickly transform up to 30 pallets per hour into a homogenous 30mm chip. This efficient volume reduction process means firms can save up to 75% on their waste collection fees, while freeing up valuable site space. The output material can also be sent – if not sold – for recycling, which adds further weight to the business case and environmental argument for this investment. 

To satisfy the number of enquiries that we have received for this compact pallet shredder, UNTHA UK has continued to procure stock machines that are readily available for immediate dispatch. The PS1300 is also available for customers to test using their own materials. 

But recognising the cash flow challenges that many organisations continue to face, we have now gone one step further, launching a dedicated PS1300 shredder hire package. 

This means that businesses can have their own pallet shredding system installed on their site for as little as £250 + VAT per week – fully inclusive of conveyor, delivery, installation, commissioning, operator training and an annual service.  

Commenting on the launch of this new package, UNTHA UK’s sales manager and pallet shredding specialist Ian Harvey said: “Some businesses come to us because they want to turn their wooden pallet waste into a valuable resource that could be recycled for landscaping mulch. Others have a far more overt commercial driver, in that they need to slash their waste disposal costs – and quickly!

“At such an affordable price point – and easy to operate and maintain – sales of the PS1300 have therefore flown. We don’t see demand slowing in 2024, which means we will invest in more machines available for rapid dispatch.”

UNTHA UK’s sales director Gary Moore added: “As we head into 2024, the economic backdrop is causing a number of challenges for some firms, especially in the face of rising energy prices and cashflow pressures. But this doesn’t mean they want to stand still – many have bold environmental ambitions, and know that a savvier waste management strategy could even save them money. 

“We therefore need to work harder when supplying assets to our customer base, so that UNTHA shredders remain accessible for the companies that want to push forwards. This is one of many reasons for the launch of the PS1300 shredder hire package – an affordable way for organisations to start shredding, even if they’ve never shredded before!”

The PS1300 is also available for outright purchase, depending on customer requirements. 

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