Shredder rebuilds

Refurb your UNTHA shredder

UNTHA shredders are built to last — designed and engineered for what can often result in decades of operational life. But if the time comes when you think you need to replace your machinery following years of use, make sure you’ve considered a shredder rebuild first. For approximately a third of the cost of a new purchase, our rebuild service could extend the life of your asset by typically 80-100% — you can even finance the project for maximum affordability. And with a 12-month warranty on all parts, plus a 6-month warranty on any defects, you have maximum peace of mind when your shredder is recommissioned.

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How much does a shredder rebuild cost?

Based on the findings from your initial inspection, we’ll outline the rebuild project detail, including how long the overhaul will take, the cost, and the impact a rebuild will have on the ongoing service life of your shredder. These all-important figures help to evidence the business case of this value-adding process, so if you’re not sure how the numbers will stack up, let us provide a quote. It may sound complicated — and potentially expensive — but you’d be surprised how cost-effective it is!

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I requested a shredder inspection so that UNTHA could confirm exactly what we needed to do to repair the RS40. The location of the machine meant it was difficult to carry out the work in-situ, so two engineers visited our site to move, strip down, and clean the machine on our behalf.

Following a rigorous investigation, they identified the source of the leak and resolved the issue by replacing the necessary sealings, gearbox, and bearing parts. They explained every step of the process, providing future maintenance advice for our ongoing benefit – I couldn’t believe how thorough they were. They really put in a shift – from the outset I felt in very safe hands.

Sam Moss, Contracts Manager, Environet

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The shredder rebuild process


Once the rebuild project has been confirmed, we’ll schedule the works and arrange for your shredder to be decommissioned for removal from your site.


It will then travel to our central-UK workshop — or our Austrian HQ depending on the work required — for a more detailed audit.


If any further work is required — than was originally anticipated — we’ll ‘check in’ for authorisation before the rebuild begins.


Our experienced engineers will then strip down your machine and begin the rebuild. We’ll keep in touch every step of the way with progress updates.


Whether the shredder rebuild is a quick and slick exercise or an extensive overhaul, we’ll thoroughly test the machine in our trial department.


Once the rebuild is signed off as complete, we’ll book in the dispatch and recommissioning work at your facility.

The ultimate circular investment

We’re big advocates of all-things-sustainability and take great pride in knowing the role our machines play in turning ‘waste’ materials into valuable resources that can be reused, recycled and transformed into alternative fuels. However, we take that commitment to the circular economy one step further by ensuring that not only are our shredders built to last when their operational performance starts to dip after years of service, they too can be brought back to tip top condition. This saves you the expense of buying a new asset and protects the environment, as we don’t need to manufacture a new machine from scratch.