Flexible finance = affordable machinery

Finance packages to suit your budget

Our waste and recycling shredders have been specifically designed with return on investment in mind. That’s what sees the UNTHA brand attract enquiries from around the world – we deliver on promises, including ROI!

But our commitment to saving you money doesn’t stop there. We understand this industry – far better than the banks do. So, with UNTHA Finance, we offer a range of flexible packages, tailored to suit the needs of your individual business.

Whether you’re a small start-up struggling to raise the capital, or an established blue-chip company who wants to avoid adding another asset to the balance sheet, we can devise a finance solution with your objectives in mind.

Benefits of UNTHA Finance

  • Flexible finance terms to suit your budget/cashflow requirements
  • One fixed, all-inclusive and manageable monthly payment
  • No deposit, payment pause & VAT deferment options available
  • No obligation quotes available
  • Free insight into any relevant UK grants
  • No hidden costs/unexpected surprises
  • Experience all the advantages of operating an UNTHA shredder, without the initial expense
  • Packages underwritten by Close Brothers Asset Finance

Try our machines using your own materials

Financing your shredder

Before we can devise a finance package to suit your needs, we need to learn more about your organisation. Our goal isn’t to ‘quote low’ to secure the sale – it’s to understand your business objectives and budgetary requirements, to ensure we tick all your boxes!
For example, our solutions include:

  • Standard hire purchase agreements, over a term to suit you. With varied deposit and VAT deferment options available, this is by far the most popular route for most clients.
  •  Refinance packages which allow us to lend against the value of any incumbent equipment/assets.
  •  Lease purchases that enable you to rent the shredder from UNTHA UK, with peppercorn secondary rental periods for long-term clients.
  • Operating leases – an off-balance sheet option with the attractive tax breaks particularly sought after by larger organisations. We can offer this solution due to the guaranteed residual value of our shredders.
  • Refurbishment finance to help fund an upcoming repair or maintenance schedule, inclusive of ongoing servicing support.

The options are almost endless! But with so many permutations available, why not talk to us about what’s possible?

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Purchase your shredder outright

Of course, you don’t have to opt for one of our shredder finance packages. If you have the capital available to purchase the machine outright, we’ll provide a comprehensive quote inclusive of the shredding technology itself, as well as the commissioning project. We can also design and supply a complete turnkey solution inclusive of ancillary equipment, if you require our wider engineering expertise.

We can even factor in a customer support package – inclusive or service, maintenance, spare and wear parts – depending on your requirements. This means you can benefit from the knowledge and assistance of our dedicated after sales team, far beyond your initial shredder installation.

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Our shredder is an incredibly cost-effective machine in terms of ongoing running costs and spare parts, and its productivity and uptime means it is a value-adding tool for our business.
The team helped tailor a finance agreement for our business allowing us to strengthen our business going forward by purchasing an industry critical asset.
“…the right finance option for us…allowed us to develop and grow our business and become a bigger presence in the Electrical recycling sector and we are now looking to vastly expand our collecting operation
Seeking and obtaining the perfect asset finance solution was essential in helping us move our business forward with future plans.

Toby Manchip, Managing Director, Manchip3Media Limited (M3M)
Peter Moody, P A Moody Recycling Limited trading as Gap Waste Management
Justin Beverley, Director, UK Plug Recycling Ltd

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