About us

UNTHA UK is the country’s leading supplier of innovative waste shredding technology and waste management expertise...

What evidence is there to support such bold claims?
Combining UK shredding and application knowledge with the most prestigious European engineering capabilities, we are renowned not just for our outstanding waste machinery, but also our consultancy advice and customer service excellence. From day one the team has been committed to getting to the heart of the UK’s waste agenda, in order to deliver technology and advice that will see the UK satisfy stringent landfill targets with clients achieving the greatest return on investment from their waste shredders.

What makes UNTHA shredders different?
UNTHA uses the latest cutting-edge technology, designed by highly qualified engineers, to create the most revolutionary waste shredders in the industry. What is the driving force for each innovation? UNTHA combines customer requirements with developers’ industry foresight. The team is constantly researching waste and recycling trends, client dissatisfactions with competitor machinery, and technological developments, so UNTHA can introduce pioneering functionality, efficiencies and cost savings that cannot be found elsewhere.

Throughout the past 50 years UNTHA has remained true to its core competency – waste shredders that are researched, designed, developed, tested, manufactured, supplied, installed and maintained by the same team of engineering experts. And this is not going to change. UNTHA will always be the reliable brand.

Why is UNTHA UK the waste shredding provider for you?
With one of the most prestigious shredding heritages in the industry, UNTHA UK is the provider of choice for the waste and recycling industry’s varied shredding requirements. Yet due to the highly innovative nature of the UNTHA technology, UNTHA UK particularly excels in the more complicated arenas of hazardous and confidential waste, RDF, SRF and Anaerobic Digestion.

Passionate about the UK’s waste agenda, and keen to encourage the ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ mantra within this country, UNTHA UK’s well-respected waste shredding experts are frequently asked to speak at leading industry events. The topics – which commonly include alternative fuel production, the importance of waste technology within the UK and best practice waste shredding – are covered within the resource centre of this website too.

UNTHA UK concentrates on what it does best – waste shredding – however the team has a growing network of engineering partners too. Where required, UNTHA can therefore recommend and offer complete waste solutions, typically including material conveying and separation equipment such as magnets, screens wind-shifters, and waste balers.