Shredder hire

Why hire an UNTHA shredder

If you need a machine for only a short-term basis, did you know that UNTHA shredders are also available to hire? So whether you have a one-off project to tackle, or an unexpected influx of additional materials to handle, talk to us about your needs, and we can take it from there. 

It’s all part of our commitment to being here for customers, exactly when you need us.

See our stock shredders

We continually invest in stock shredders so they can be immediately dispatched from our north of England HQ. 

You never know what’s around the corner. So, if a project has a short lead time, we have a range of new and refurbished machines available for hire or purchase. 

What’s in stock?

Is hiring a shredder right for you?

Short-term shredding needs

Perhaps you need to process more materials than normal? Maybe another shredder has let you down and you need a replacement while your existing technology is repaired? You might just have a one-off project to tackle? If you have short-term shredding requirements, hiring a machine makes sense.

Try before you buy

Our shredder trials are one of the most popular services we offer, providing customers with the ultimate opportunity to test a machine before they purchase one for themselves. If you would rather run the test on your own site for a defined period of time, hiring a shredder provides an alternative option.

Maximum uptime

Some companies are so impressed with our technology during on-site trials, that they ask if they can temporarily keep the demo machines on a rental agreement, while their bespoke shredders are being manufactured. Once again, if we can make this happen, we’ll be only too happy to assist. 

As seen on TV

We’ve even been approached by TV companies before, when they’ve required a shredder for filming purposes. From recycling documentaries to entertainment shows with Keith Lemon, UNTHA machines look good on screen! So if you’re a production company looking to feature shredding technology, contact us.

Who we’ve helped

When we took a call from Sunday Times Fast Track 100 company SugaRich, they needed a high-capacity machine with an unbelievably short lead time, to tackle an urgent product destruction project. Without delay, we swung into action to meet the brief for this six-week shredding assignment – and in fact, the UNTHA XR completed the job two weeks ahead of schedule. 

Read the SugaRich case study


“If there’s a waste challenge to be solved, I love to think it can be an UNTHA shredder at the heart of the solution.”

Gary Moore, sales director, UNTHA UK


“UNTHA’s fantastic support didn’t just impress and further strengthen the organisation’s relationship with SugaRich – the team’s swift action helped us deliver maximum waste hierarchy compliance and the best possible use of the valuable resources that could, worst case, have been destined for landfill.”

Paul Featherstone, international head of innovation, SugaRich

Shredders you're able to hire

  • This world-renowned, versatile shredder is by far the best-selling machine in UNTHA UK’s extensive range. Why? Because it is compact yet robust, it delivers high availability and a precisely defined, homogenous particle.

  • Ideal for a range of applications including; plastic film, plastic lumps, rubber waste, cardboard packaging, cardboard cores, plastic & paper packaging material, plastic drums, plastic pipes, foam boards, plastic bottles, plastic pallets, production waste...

  • Ideal for a range of applications including WEEE (SDAs), confidential waste, hard-drives, plastic containers, organics and more!!

Getting started

If you’re thinking of hiring a shredder, to begin with we need to ask a few basic questions — what material you’re shredding, its size (length x width x depth in millimetres), your desired throughput, your output particle specification, whether you require any ancillary equipment, and how quickly you need a machine. Then we’ll let you know as soon as possible if we have a shredder in stock that is suitable for the job.

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