Customer Support

Need our help?

Whether the unexpected happens, you’re concerned about the running condition of your shredder, or you want to explore how to optimise your machine, our engineers are here to help, as quickly as possible.

Many of our shredders are supplied with a touchscreen control panel and modem, enabling remote diagnostics from UNTHA HQ.

You can even delve into your shredder’s ‘brain’ with UNTHA Genius – our real-time condition monitoring tool capable of analysing up to 100 data points and sending proactive notifications in the event of a potential machine error or an operational threshold being exceeded.

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Level 1 Support

If we receive a customer support call, one of our highly-trained shredder engineers will dial in remotely to diagnose the issue and/or provide operator guidance.

Level 2 Support

If we can’t ‘fault find’ from a distance, we’ll schedule a time for a UK engineer to visit your site and work on the shredder. Our goal is maximum uptime with minimum disruption.

Level 3 Support

We’ll escalate to our Austrian HQ if the matter requires deeper investigation, and work with you until your system is back to ‘full strength’.

Continued support for peace of mind

“We’ve been really impressed with UNTHA. Of course, the shredding technology is renowned, but there’s a real focus on the development of relationships too. I suppose that’s how they ensure clients get the greatest return from their assets long into the future.”

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