Confidential waste shredders

Sensitive waste must remain in safe hands

The 2018 introduction of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) may have made data security a mainstream concern, but the secure handling of confidential waste and sensitive products has been one of UNTHA’s priorities for the last 40 years.

Legislation governs the compliant processing of everything from private documents and electronic files/hard drives, through to bank notes, DVDs, counterfeit goods and even uniforms. Each of these material streams – and more – must be securely destroyed to prevent a breach, as the financial and reputational risks associated with non-compliance are huge. 

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Why shred confidential waste?

  • Confidential waste shredding is one of the most fool-proof ways to ensure the secure destruction of potentially sensitive information or goods.
  • Unused branded products could end up on the black market, personal data could be used to impersonate someone in a cybercrime hack, and emergency service uniforms could be used in a terrorist attack. The list of examples goes on and the potential consequences are often catastrophic.
  • The fines associated with a data breach are rising with every passing decade, but the reputational damage could be even more devastating to the business concerned.
  • Processing confidential waste in this manner increases the chance that the resulting materials can be reused or recycled without risk of non-compliance – this protects the environment as well as data security standards.

How can UNTHA help you shred confidential waste?


Confidential waste shredding – or secure product destruction as it is also known – can take various forms. Online retailers processing consumers’ returns information; beauty brands tasked with destroying faulty product lines; police forces needing to dispose of illegal drugs or interview tapes – all of these clients, and more, have turned to UNTHA for help.


All of UNTHA’s machines are independently DIN-66399 certified up to security level 3, and for P, O, H, F, T and E classifications.


UNTHA’s independently-certified four shaft RS series is the industry’s leading solution for confidential waste shredding, used by both waste producers and specialist data security firms alike.


Configurable screens allow the waste handler to achieve adjustable and accurate particle sizes according to the DIN level required, for compliance peace of mind.


The cutting chamber pre shreds and re-shreds confidential waste in a single pass, with mixing action for added security.


Our slow speed technology carefully shreds classified materials without destroying the material fibres, which protects the output quality and increases its reuse or recycling potential.


We know seeing is believing, so we offer free trials at our North Yorkshire HQ, enabling you to test our confidential waste shredders using your own materials.

Which confidential wastes can we shred?

Our range of confidential waste shredders

Smith & Ouzman

“With UNTHA’s four shaft confidential waste shredder, we know that our secure documentation is in safe hands. Having increased our shredding capacity… the process is 80% more time efficient. We are also recycling more which aligns with our ISO14001 environmental commitment and provides a steady revenue stream from the sale of this recyclate.”

Phil Ouzman, managing director

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