We care about complete quality performance

We push the boundaries of quality too, so that clients can achieve maximum waste hierarchy compliance and as much additional revenue as possible. So, a shredder specification may be to produce a biomass specification fuel. But we will work with the customer, as standard, to help them optimise their wider recycling performance and the yield they generate from clean metal recovery. You could say our quality approach soon starts to filter out through the wider plant…

Your shredding partner long after the sale

Our commitment to quality doesn’t end when you sign on the dotted line – this is only the very start of the working relationship after all. It runs through the heart of the installation project and is echoed within all our service (after sales) products too. Spare parts are built to last and readily available for whenever you need them; operator training is delivered comprehensively so that teams are always fully equipped to run our shredders; and our service engineers go above and beyond to give machines far more than just a basic ‘MOT’. The list goes on…

Independently accredited for quality

Our quality-led ethos is evidenced by our prestigious ISO9001 accreditation which sits proudly alongside our ISO14001 and ISO45001 certifications. Thanks to our continuous improvement mindset, we have continued to pass our audits with flying colours, no matter how much our business has grown.


Getting slicker and slicker

Continued ISO compliance is not a box-ticking exercise. It drives our entire philosophy as a company – to constantly strive for better. We’ve invested circa £250,000 in a business management system to ensure the same quality standards flow throughout every UNTHA department. As a result, we achieve slicker project deliveries, more proactive client dialogue and robust stock management. The right actions are made by the right people at the right time which means we hit every milestone that we promise – and on budget too!