Industrial metal waste shredding

Why metal ‘waste’ is so much more than scrap

Smelting old scrap to produce new metal is one of the oldest ‘circular’ concepts there is, which goes some way to explaining why UK metals recycling is a £5.6bn industry. But ever-changing economic forces make this a volatile market for operators to trade in.

However, thanks to technological innovation, it is now possible to boost the efficiency, sophistication and potential revenue yield of metal recycling lines. The secret lies in boosting metal recyclate quality. But how..?

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Why shred metals?

  • Many recyclers and scrap merchants rely only on traditional, cumbersome shear equipment to cut metals down, because the perceived high-wear nature of metal shredding is deemed too cost prohibitive.
  • Reliance on this basic shear methodology means savvy alternative sorting, grading, separation and size-reduction processes are overlooked. Metal recyclate quality therefore remains low and revenue potential is limited.
  • Shredders help to liberate the valuable metals that would otherwise remain ‘locked’ in complex products such as uPVC windows, WEEE and end-of-life vehicles. Elsewhere, in MRFs or alternative fuel production plants, they rid metals of contaminants such as plastic film that would render the scrap worthless.
  • Integrate carefully-positioned magnets and other separation equipment and the volume of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap for resale, is higher still.

How can UNTHA help you shred metals?


Our comprehensive range of powerful, four shaft metal shredders provide a hard-wearing solution for even the toughest applications.


Rugged reinforced frames give operational stability, double collar cutting disks deliver stronger cutting forces, and a slow speed, high torque drive increases resistance to unshreddables, for consistent, long-lasting machine performance.


With a number of configurable screen options, we’ve thought about particle homogeneity for optimum onward treatment.


We’ve developed a unique metal clean up system that has attracted the attention of operators worldwide, due to the 40% improvement in high quality recyclate recovery rates it can achieve. This can equate to thousands of pounds of additional revenue per month.


We know seeing is believing, so we offer free trials at our North Yorkshire HQ, enabling you to test our metal shredders using your own materials.

What metals can we shred?

Our range of metal waste shredders

  • A reliable mid-range four shaft shredder for cables, swarf, UBCs and more

  • A configurable, high capacity machine ideal for extreme metal shredding requirements

  • The most powerful four shaft shredder in UNTHA’s fleet, designed specifically for high volume and/or complex metal streams – no matter how tough!

  • This robust two-shaft pre-shredder doesn't just excel when it comes to tackling heavy duty metal applications - it also boasts the lowest total operating costs in its class.

LKM Recycling

“The high torque, slow speed eco-drive concept within this machine will keep power consumption low, which minimises our carbon footprint and saves on energy costs. You wouldn’t expect these efficiencies within such a heavy-duty machine of this size.”

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