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This is by far UNTHA’s most versatile shredder, however complex the application:

Thanks to its precise, defined and configurable shred, the RS is perfect for:

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“I knew we needed a robust solution with proven media and data destruction capabilities. As soon as I found the RS30 and spoke to the team’s confidential waste experts, I made my choice. This technology ticks all the boxes – operational simplicity, high throughputs, precision particle sizing, customer support services, justifiable capital outlay and minimal wear costs”

Toby Manchip, managing director

Indigo Environmental

“We’ve worked hard to develop systems that can transform complex material streams into reusable and resaleable products. With 20 years’ experience in this industry, I knew from the outset that I wanted an UNTHA shredder to lay at the heart of this operation.”

Paul Kinley, managing director

LKM Recycling

“This is our first UNTHA machine – in fact it is the first processing machine we’ve ever bought. It will completely revolutionise our approach to recycling because we’ll soon be able to liberate all of the materials from the streams we process. This means more material going back into the industry for reprocessing, and more revenue yield for our business.
“The high torque, slow speed eco-drive concept within this machine will also keep power consumption low, which minimises our carbon footprint and saves on energy costs. You wouldn’t expect these efficiencies from such a heavy duty machine of this size.”

Tony Hughes, then managing director

M&M Waste Solutions

“The RS100 enables us to size-reduce, liberate and produce a saleable finished product for remanufacturing.”

Rob Fluckiger, managing director

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