Safe shredding operations rely on carefully engineered machinery and a safety-first mindset shared by everyone involved.

This is the driving force behind everything we do, and we strive to pass on as much knowledge as possible so that clients can devise equally robust processes within their own business. In fact, because we take our safety responsibilities so seriously, we have even written for the British Safety Council on the key to a safe shredding process.

To help ensure maximum safety standards on your site, we:

Have developed a number of in-built safety features within our shredders, from auto-stop foreign object protection and removal mechanisms; to quick change cutter systems with minimal exposure to the machines operating parts

We’ve recognised the mounting wellbeing issues associated with noise and dust pollution and have again achieved improved safety, by design, and with no detriment to wider shredder performance. Our waste shredder operates below the first hearing protection action point (80dB(a)) meaning hearing defenders are not even required! Our machines also create up to 80% less dust than competitor models, which keeps the neighbouring community and planning departments happy too!

Did you know..? Our XR shredder is so quiet, it operates below the first action point for hearing protection, meaning ear defenders don’t need to be worn.

Outbreaks of fire are a notorious risk in the waste sector, so we’ve integrated fire suppression technology into our shredders, ranging from heat detectors and extinguishing nozzles through to slower-speed operations which reduce the danger of dust or a spark, and therefore the chance of fire propagation – without any detriment to machine capacity.

Our ISO45001 accreditation evidences our deep-rooted commitment to health and safety excellence, from the continued development of our staff, through to the quality of the tools they use and the safety-first advice we provide to clients. We’re also trained to ensure your project complies with the machinery directive and CE marking. We will therefore challenge any unsafe usage of the machine, and provide rigorous operator training to uphold the correct shredding standards when we leave a site.

Members of the team have authored a number of technical articles and seminars specifically on these topics, including a guide to industrial shredder safety. To register to receive this content or attend one of our future events, please sign up to our mailing list.