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Bulky materials? No problem

A variety of bulky waste streams may, at first glance, be considered economically unshreddable. But perhaps that’s because people haven’t yet encountered a shredder robust enough for the job. Large complex materials such as mattresses, carpets, textiles, pulper ropes, civic amenity waste and bulky domestic appliances of course need to be handled by heavy duty technology, but UNTHA’s high torque, slow speed shredders can handle such oversized applications with ease.

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Why shred bulky waste?

  • The disposal of large items such as mattresses is becoming a growing problem in the UK. Landfill space is depleting, disposal costs are unmanageable, fly tipping is on the rise and a number of recyclable materials would otherwise remain ‘locked’ in these waste streams, unless a shredding process ensues.
  • Shredding everything from bulky uPVC window frames through to masses of pulper ropes can reveal a wealth of potential when the ‘waste’ is broken down, as valuable composite materials can be liberated and extracted for use in recycling, remanufacturing or energy recovery.
  • Sometimes the shredding priority is volume reduction, in which case operators can process bulky materials to alleviate waste storage problems and achieve a cleaner, tidier and safer site.

How can UNTHA help you shred bulky waste?


Our heavy-duty machines with sturdy steel frames and large loading apertures are built to withstand the pressures typically associated with shredding bulky items. Every design feature contributes to plant uptime, minimal operational disruption and maximum ROI.


Engineered to run at low speeds but with high torque, our technology can quickly size reduce varied types of large materials with less noise, dust and vibration. This makes for a safer shredding process with low emissions and no detriment to throughputs.


Our shredders are modular in concept, which means they can operate as powerful pieces of stand-alone kit or can be integrated into wider processing systems for optimum material liberation.


However bulky the input material, our technology is designed to achieve a precision shred whether you’re handling king sized mattresses, pulper ropes, carpets or anything in between. The result is an on-specification output fraction, perfect for the onward recycling or energy recovery route it is intended for.


Our bulky waste shredders may not carry the lowest price tag, but they have been proven to handle even the bulkiest of waste streams, not just throughout the UK but across the globe. This gives ultimate peace of mind to clients seeking robust equipment that will deliver on promises for years to come.


We know that seeing is believing so if you have a bulky waste stream that you think could prove too tough for one of our machines to handle, talk to us about arranging a trial using your own materials and/or visiting a reference site to watch our heavy duty shredders in action!

Which bulky wastes can we shred?

Our range of bulky waste shredders


“With the UNTHA XR, we can process up to 200 mattresses per hour for future fuels. For example, manufacture one-pass biomass with minimal fines, or handle AD plastics for either remanufacturing or alternative fuel production!”

Rob Andrews, managing director

M&M Waste Solutions

“The UNTHA RS100 can now process the variety of materials generated from M&M’s Materials Recycling Facility and Waste Transfer Station. Oversized material from the plant is size-reduced before being returned for greater commodity recovery, whilst the shredder can also process specific materials including uPVC window frames for FE, non-FE and clean uPVC recovery, as well as Zorba.”

Rob Fluckiger, managing director

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