The Little Interview – Julie Cassidy

Julie Cassidy

Having joined UNTHA UK from a compressed air specialist, our parts and maintenance sales executive, Julie Cassidy, is all too familiar with the complex world of waste and recycling. And it is this area of engineering – plus her passion for delivering efficient customer solutions long after a shredder is commissioned – which makes her the ‘go to’ colleague for aftersales support. 

From spare and wear parts sales, to preventative maintenance packages, operator training, and much more, Julie is always on the other end of the phone or email for enquiries large and small. 

Last month, she caught up with Material Recycling World Magazine to share her career journey, perspectives on the waste industry, and biggest inspiration. If you missed the original article, continue reading to see what she had to say…

What was your first job? 

From the young age of 16, I left school to start work at a certified accountants as a junior records clerk. 

What are the best and worst moments of your career so far? 

Throughout my career, I have embraced my social butterfly nature, relishing the opportunity to engage with people from all walks of life. Building meaningful connections with colleagues and customers has been a huge source of joy and fulfilment along the way. However, like any journey, there have been challenges to navigate. One such instance occurred during my previous role, when an engineer dropped an oil cylinder on my knee, requiring me to keep my leg elevated for the following 12 weeks. I’m a notoriously bad patient, so this time was difficult to say the least.

What one thing would you change about the waste/recycling industry? 

Prioritise education, particularly in schools and among children. While progress is being made in integrating such topics into school curriculums, we must continue to act swiftly and decisively to ensure that future generations are equipped to address the challenges facing our environment.

If you weren’t in waste, what would you want to be?

I always wanted to be a midwife. However, due to my husband’s career in the Forces, I was never in a position to pursue the training while raising our children. Although I sometimes wonder ‘what if?’, I’m very content with the career path I’ve taken in sales.

Book or e-reader, and what are you reading now? 

I never seem to have time for either, unfortunately. However, on the occasions when I can immerse myself in reading, I tend to gravitate towards autobiographies. When people put their life stories down on paper, you often see a completely different side to them — I love that. 

Where would you like to time travel to? 

My retirement home, on a beach in the sun, with lots of time to read those books! 

What song means the most to you? 

I enjoy a wide range of music genres, and don’t have a particular favourite. But I do find that an upbeat sing-along on my commute to work helps to kickstart my day on a positive note. 

What can’t you live without? 

My family — they come first every time.

What would you do as prime minister for a day? 

I’d implement a nationwide holiday, allowing people the opportunity to pause, reflect, and spend quality time with loved ones.

Which building would you like to be locked in overnight? 

It would have to be a spa, with unlimited access to all facilities. 

What is the best piece of advice you’ve been given? 

Share your thoughts and concerns; don’t lock them away, they’ll only fester.

Who is your biggest inspiration? 

My husband. He dedicated 22 years of his life to serving in The British Army, during which time our family stood by him through every posting and career transition. After leaving the military, he faced challenges reintegrating into civilian life and struggled to find his ideal career path. It took him nearly six years to discover his true calling, but he eventually took a leap of faith to start his own business.

Now, six years later, he has built a successful enterprise through sheer hard work and perseverance. His commitment to supporting our family, along with his determination and resilience, amazes me every day.

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