TDF has been cost prohibitive to produce – until now!

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This month, our director of global business development Gary Moore, took to the international stage in partnership with FOCUS Enviro, as he delivered our latest webinar – ‘how to produce TDF (Tyre Derived Fuel)’ – over in Australia.

At UNTHA, we’re known for shredding shred the materials other manufacturers shy away from. So, because our approach to tyre recycling and tyre derived fuel production has been a big hit here in the UK, we wanted to share our expertise and help transform opportunities for operators ‘down under’ too.

A notorious problem for the waste management industry, 1.5 billion tyres reach end of life status every year, with 60% stockpiled, illegally dumped, or ‘lost’ from the value chain. But this troublesome waste can become an important part of the environmental jigsaw, as tyre processing systems are now designed with profitability in mind.

As part of this straight-talking and information packed webinar, Gary therefore demonstrated what’s possible when handling end-of-life tyres and delved into whether they can become an industry hero. TDF is gaining traction globally, and in this one-hour session, he shared exactly why the industry is getting so excited.

“Tyres are still considered by many as a tricky and costly waste stream to process, however new innovation has changed what is possible. Acknowledgement of the resource potential in tyres is only going to grow – and quickly” says Gary.

The virtual event covered:

  • The untapped possibilities in the tyre recycling landscape
  • How to design a modular tyre shredding line
  • Must-know TDF specifications
  • Building a TDF manufacturing business case

As Gary took to the airwaves at 01:00, we have enclosed the link for UK viewers to catch up!

Listen to the full webinar recording.


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