Film crew delves behind the scenes at pallet shredding operation

MC Refrigeration

Our trusty film crew Manto visited our pallet shredding client MC Refrigeration recently, to discover exactly how the renowned UNTHA PS1300 has made an impact at this Wellingborough-based manufacturing facility.

Inviting the cameras into the heart of his operation, managing director Murray Carvell told all about his experience of operating this compact yet robust machine, before speaking honestly about the commercial and environmental benefits of doing so.

UNTHA UK’s sales manager Ian Harvey also made a cameo appearance. Having quickly become recognised as our resident pallet shredding expert, he explored the volume reduction success of the PS1300, before outlining what impact this could have in businesses throughout the UK. The savings quickly equate to five-figure sums, as viewers of the resulting film, will see!

If you haven’t seen the finished production, you can view it on YouTube

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