Did you know… UNTHA shredders talk to customers in ‘morse code’?

At UNTHA UK, we believe in supporting customers long after the shredder sale. Speak to different colleagues in the business, and they’ll provide lots of examples of how we do that, from ongoing machine optimisation advice, to planned preventative maintenance support, refresher operator training, spare and wear parts sales, and more.

But did you know that our industrial shredders – which have been installed in hundreds of waste and alternative fuel production facilities worldwide – actually talk to customers in ‘morse code’? And only the operators of these globally-acclaimed machines know what that code means?

OK, we’re being a little playful, but there is plenty truth in the point. 

Because, if an XR encounters an operational issue, the control panel presents an error code. For straightforward matters, a quick check of the machine’s user manual will diagnose the issue, so the operator knows what to do next. If the code represents something a little more complex, customers can share the code with an UNTHA engineer, who will either dial in remotely to resolve the matter, or pay a visit to site to remedy the fault. 

Elsewhere, UNTHA’s world-renowned four-shaft RS and single-shaft LRK shredders can present a sequence of flashing lights, and like morse code, that sequence also means something. Again, a quick glance at the operator’s user manual will determine exactly what’s going on and what needs to happen next. 

So, if you’re running one of these machines and this is news to you, talk to our customer support team to learn more. And if you’ve misplaced your user manual or you’d like another copy, please also get in touch. 

We’re here for you, remember. Please contact service@untha.co.uk or call 01423 320840.

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