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Waste shredders – Service and maintenance

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By design, UNTHA waste shredders are robust, reliable and easy-to-maintain. But because customer service is top of the agenda, UNTHA UK promises an enhanced range of waste shredder service, maintenance and warranty packages to ensure the optimum ongoing operation of clients’ machines. For instance:

  • Inspection reports and efficiency assessments, carried out across the country by UNTHA UK’s highly-skilled engineers, encourage clients to continually maximise their return on investment from the waste shredders
  • UNTHA UK’s experienced consultants can help to uncover, and resolve, potential waste processing issues before the client has even noticed a problem
  • As an organisation’s waste processing system evolves and expands, UNTHA UK can ensure that best practice is being followed when it comes to waste shredding, and that the shredders are integrated efficiently with other waste machinery.

This long-term dialogue with clients means that UNTHA UK can continually educate clients as to how to further reduce their operational costs, increase their environmental agenda and even generate an additional revenue stream from their waste. A key element of the dedicated after sales function, UNTHA UK’s waste shredder service and maintenance packages are therefore incredibly popular.

If you have an urgent servicing need, or if you would like to discuss your ongoing maintenance issues please contact

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