Why the environment matters to me…

The climate change agenda took something of a back seat, while the world battled against Covid-19. But that doesn’t mean the environment didn’t continue to matter a great deal, to many people. So, to celebrate all things sustainability, help share tips for smarter environmental thinking and remind each other just how much our carbon impact matters, we’re inviting colleagues and friends of the business to take part in our quickfire environmental Q&A.

Next up, it’s Sharon Annat – executive support manager at UNTHA UK.

Where do you fit into the environmental sector? Tell us a little bit about your role at UNTHA UK? 

I assist the managing director with essential support, including monitoring and controlling the company BI to provide critical management information, allowing a proactive approach to business planning.

Complete the sentence – the UK is great at recycling… but we need to make more of a difference to eliminate plastics from our oceans.

Which sector do you think could achieve significant environmental progress this year?  

Manufacturers across all sectors could achieve significant progress by reviewing and reducing the packaging they use.  Whilst steps are being made to reduce plastic waste, we could be doing more.

What do you wish you’d known about the environment, as a child?

I wish I knew how damaging our actions were to the oceans. The destruction to this crucial resource is alarming, not only for humans, but the habitat of the wildlife living in it too.

What’s the single biggest threat to the environment, in your opinion? 

It has to be plastics!

Share 1 tip to help people be ‘greener’, at work or at home: 

The Modern Milkman!  Many people are on board with this now, as they offer so much more than just milk – like eggs, bread, or even fruit juice, direct to your doorstep. The app is great, and the bottles are all glass and returnable too. It’s definitely reduced my plastic usage considerably – just imagine if everyone did this!

Tell us an environmental statistic that you think people need to know: 

“Approx 5,000 items of marine plastic pollution have been found per mile of beach in the UK.  Over 150 plastic bottles litter each mile of UK beaches.”  (Surfers Against Sewage www.sas.org.uk).

What’s the best thing you’ve ever reused/upcycled?

Metal shower curtain rings! I’ve used them to hang plant pots off a trellis in my garden.

If you were prime minister for the day, what’s the one thing you’d do to improve the UK’s sustainability agenda?

Insist on manufacturers reducing or eliminating packaging waste, or changing the packaging materials they use. I’d also adjust legislation so that any new products – or the manufacturers themselves – had stricter guidelines on the packaging that can be produced.

Complete the sentence – in 100 years’ time…

… I hope that our land is still green, our oceans clear and blue, and our grandchildren and great grandchildren can still breathe fresh air and enjoy the great outdoors for all its beauty!

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