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Matthew Greenland - SRS

We’ve been more and more exposed to the advances of climate change over the last few years – and we are starting to witness a shift in mindset on the impact we can all have in driving change. So, to celebrate all things sustainability, help share tips for smarter environmental thinking, and remind each other just how much our carbon impact matters, we’re inviting colleagues, friends of the business, and industry peers to take part in this quickfire environmental Q&A.

Next up, it’s Matthew Greenland, director at SRS Sales & Service Ltd

Where do you fit into the environmental sector? Tell us a little bit about your role at SRS Sales & Service Ltd:

I am a director at SRS Sales & Service Ltd, and one of my biggest responsibilities is looking for new products and services we can offer. In recent years, we have found companies — irrespective of size — are looking for better ways to reduce their carbon footprint and improve their recycling targets.

Complete the sentence: The UK is great at recycling…

…household waste, but not so much at commercial recycling. Too many items are easily thrown into bins and skips to save time.

Which sector do you think could achieve significant environmental progress this year?

I feel the packaging sector could achieve significant environmental progress this year. As a company, we are working hard to help fulfillment centers and ecommerce sellers reduce the amount of plastic packaging they use. Through our cardboard shredders, we’re offering a more environmentally friendly alternative that transforms cardboard boxes into eco-friendly, void-fill packaging. Our 100% recycled ecoVoid paper is another solution.

What do you wish you’d known about the environment, as a child?

I wish I’d have known more about the impact of single-use items — whether that be plastic packaging, water bottles, or machines where the manufacturers don’t supply even the simplest of spare parts.

What’s the single biggest threat to the environment, in your opinion?

The single biggest threat has got to be climate change. We see headlines in the media nearly every day. If companies take responsibility for their carbon output by using recycled materials, reducing waste volume with an UNTHA shredder — which decreases the need for lorry and skip lifts — and turning off equipment and lights when not in use, they will not only help protect the environment but also save money.

Share one tip to help people be ‘greener’, at work or at home:

Reuse, reuse, and reuse again. At SRS, we have found that customers are more than happy to receive purchases in reused boxes with reused packaging. We use eco-friendly materials made by shredding our waste cardboard.

Tell us an environmental statistic you think people need to know:

192,000,000 tonnes of waste is transported on UK roads each year. This is a huge number, and one all companies can help minimise by reducing, reusing, and recycling their waste.

Complete the sentence – in 100 years’ time…

I would like to think we are no longer worried about climate change, and all companies are running at carbon neutral — or as close to as possible.

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