The industry’s ‘go to’ solution
for extreme WEEE shredding

The ultra-heavy duty WEEE shredder – RS150

The most heavy-duty WEEE shredder within UNTHA UK’s innovative range, the RS150 is the ‘go to’ solution for extreme WEEE applications.

Utilising the same world-renowned four shaft shredding technology as UNTHA’s other RS machines – which pre-shred and re-shred WEEE in a single pass – the RS150 stands out from the crowd because of its incredibly robust capabilities. Even if you are shredding significantly large volumes of WEEE or particularly bulky appliances such as refrigerators, the RS150 will stand up to the challenge.

Bullet point list of applications:

  • Bulky WEEE
  • Refrigerators
  • Large volumes of IT equipment
  • Consumer electronics
  • Cooling units
  • Electrical appliances and more

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Stand-out features of the ultra-heavy duty WEEE shredder

The standout feature of this powerful shredder is UNTHA’s unique torque drive system. Designed by our highly-acclaimed shredding engineers in Austria, this energy-saving concept optimises the power consumption of your machine, whilst continually monitoring any stresses on the cutting shafts. What does this mean for you? Significantly less energy costs, protection of your shredder’s key component parts and reduced downtime. It all makes for a very profitable WEEE shredding operation.

The cutting speed and torque delivery of the RS150 is also automatically controlled, which is especially useful when shredding potentially difficult electronic equipment such as large office printers or servers. This intelligent approach is flexible too, and can be infinitely re-configured to suit the type of WEEE you are shredding at any given time.

We know WEEE is a complex and often multi-faceted waste stream. That’s why foreign objects are detected immediately to prevent damage to the machine, and, of course, your investment. What’s more, the RS150 has no couplings, fly wheels or shear pins, meaning it is much more reliable than alternative recycling technologies in the market.

If it’s an even more proactive approach you’re looking for, UNTHA’s state-of-the-art diagnostics system continually monitors the performance of your shredder and incorporates rapid fault identification. So, if on a rare occasion you encounter an issue, our shredder experts will quickly detect the problem and advise how to rectify it, with simply a click of a button.

Such pioneering technology may sound expensive. However, the beauty of the UNTHA RS150 is that it has been specifically designed with return on investment in mind. It achieves high efficiency, unparalleled throughput, low energy consumption, has long maintenance intervals and is quick and easy to maintain. After all, your bottom line is our priority.

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