Efficient WEEE shredding =
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Heavy duty WEEE shredders – the RS50/RS60/RS100

If you need a higher capacity WEEE shredder than the RS30/RS40, but don’t require the ultra-heavy duty functionality of the RS150, then one of our mid-range four shaft shredders may hold the answer.

Our high torque, low speed four shaft shredders are renowned worldwide for their efficient processing of numerous recyclable materials. WEEE shredding is just one of the areas in which they excel. Why? Because we know that WEEE shredding can be complex. The waste stream is made up of multifaceted, often bulky and hazardous items, which need to be handled effectively to ensure a profitable, yet safe, recycling operation. So, our highly-qualified engineers have continued to innovate – working with WEEE processors to develop ever-more robust shredding technology that will deliver the throughput, efficiencies and machine dependability that the sector demands.

Heavy Duty Weee Shredder Applications:

  • Large domestic appliances
  • Computers & towers
  • Hard drives
  • Telecoms modules

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Here are just some of the outstanding features of our heavy duty WEEE shredders:

  • With larger cutting chambers than the compact RS30 and RS40 shredders, these mid-range shredders can handle bulkier WEEE with ease
  • With a vast screen area, and the ability to load these machines from all sides, you’re guaranteed impressive throughput. More throughput – more revenue!
  • A rugged cast iron frame means the RS50, RS60 and RS100 are extremely robust – we know WEEE shredding operations can get tough, so these machines are built to last
  • You’ll also find a highly dependable tooth belt drive with two independent motors and durable gears, not to mention multiple shaft bearings for extra rigidity
  • We’ve purposefully engineered a quick change cutting system, that minimises operational downtime and impact on your employees’ workloads
  • Our RS shredders are much quieter than competitors’ machines, enabling you to better protect the health and wellbeing of staff
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All of our shredders are supplied with expert customer support service

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UNTHA RS60 shredder demonstration

This robust WEEE shredder can handle an array of electrical appliances quickly, easily and efficiently. Watch how the four shaft machine processes hard drives and IT equipment, for example, in this short video demonstration.

If you’d like to try the shredder for yourself, call us on 0845 450 5388 to discuss our trial facilities.

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