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Compact WEEE shredders – the RS30 or RS40

The most compact WEEE shredders within our range of four shafts, the RS30 or RS40 is perfect for lighter volumes of WEEE or smaller pieces of electrical equipment.

They say great things come in small packages. So don’t let a neat footprint deceive you. These compact WEEE shredders may fit into your facility with ease, but they will also come packed with a number of powerful features, to ensure an extremely robust shred.

Compact WEEE Shredder Applications:

  • Light domestic appliances
  • Mobile phones
  • Circuit boards
  • Light volume electronic scrap and more

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Here are just some of the reasons why:

  • The cutters are hard-wearing, meaning they’ll withstand the pressures that come with the often tough nature of WEEE processing. You don’t need to continuously order replacement parts, which minimises your ongoing shredding costs
  • In the event of an unshreddable item mistakenly entering the RS30/RS40, a foreign object protection mechanism auto-stops the machine. This protects your shredder from damage and ensures the item can be removed with ease, with minimal operational disruption
  • We know that if your plant is offline, you lose money. So we’ve engineered these two compact shredders so that they are quick and easy to maintain. Less hassle, less disruption and less cost.
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Getting to know our compact WEEE shredders

Particularly great for lighter volume WEEE shredding or the recycling of smaller electronic appliances, the RS30 and RS40 boast a functional design, high availability and consistent throughput. This equates into a cost efficient and dependable shredder, for your WEEE processing operation.

Boasting our patented four shaft shredding technology, both the RS30 and RS40 will pre-shred and re-shred your WEEE materials in a single pass. Why is this important for you? Any waste that does not pass through one of the shredder’s interchangeable screens is transferred to a secondary set of cutters for re-shredding. This ensures a precisely defined, homogenous particle size, making it easier for you to sift, salvage and sell the valuable output recyclate.

Every client is different, so we don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach. That’s why you can configure the speed, torque, cutting chamber, cutting system and perforated screen within your RS30 or RS40, to suit your individual WEEE recycling requirements. And if your needs change over time, your shredder can evolve accordingly.

If you think either of these high torque, slow speed WEEE shredders could be the machine you’re looking for, why not get in touch? Or if you need a machine with a higher capacity, we can help you with that too. There are more WEEE shredders in our range if you want to keep browsing, or we’d be happy to recommend the best-fit technology for your needs if you’d like to chat in person.

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All of our shredders are supplied with expert customer support service

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WEEE shredding demonstration - UNTHA RS40 processes WEEE & IT equipment

Watch UNTHA’s compact WEEE shredder tackle a variety of small electrical and IT appliances, with ease, to produce a homogenous fraction that can be processed for recycling.


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