WEEE shredders

Looking for a WEEE shredder, renowned for its ability to ensure the safe, compliant and profitable processing of electronic and electrical equipment? Look no further…

WEEE comes in various shapes and sizes – from IT and telecoms devices, to household appliances, lighting and power tools. But whatever type of equipment you’re handing, one thing remains certain – once the WEEE has been assessed for it refurbishment and re-use potential, and where initial steps have been taken to recover high value materials, the need for a robust shredder is then paramount.

So where does UNTHA UK come in? Our robust four shaft shredders (the RS series) have stood the test of time when it comes to delivering a trusted solution for even the most complex waste streams. Originally patented over 25 years ago, this highly-acclaimed shredding concept has continued to evolve to satisfy modern waste and recycling challenges.

All RS shredders are high torque, slow speed, to achieve a powerful yet extremely efficient shred. And by pre-shredding and re-shredding the WEEE in a single pass – and screening the material to control the end particle size –the result is a precisely defined, homogenous fraction, regardless of the products’ original bulkiness.

Not sure which WEEE shredder is right for you?

When we receive an enquiry, we work with you to understand the specific objectives of your project, not to mention your budget. If it’s just a shredder you need, we’ll recommend the best-fit four shaft model and cutting configuration, to suit your requirements. Or, if you’d like to develop an entire plant to mechanically process, shred and separate WEEE to produce a useful fraction, we can help with that too. We have vast experience in this niche sector, as our WEEE shredding pages show (see below). And we’re sure we can help you.

Our advice is free so please don’t hesitate to call us on 0845 450 5388, email sales@untha.co.uk, or complete our short enquiry form . Alternatively, if you’d like to browse through our WEEE shredding technology at your leisure, use the tabs below to select the machine you think may be of interest:

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WEEE can contain hazardous substances that must be proficiently handled, using specialist handling methods, to ensure they remain separate from other waste streams. So, by pre-treating the equipment to remove unsafe components, extracting precious metals for resale, and then recycling a large amount of the resulting material, organisations can:

  • Contribute to the achievement of landfill targets
  • Support the WEEE directive and the responsible handling of this complex ‘waste’
  • Help clamp down on the illegal trade of WEEE
  • Protect communities from health risks and environmental damage that is often caused by non-compliant WEEE handling
  • Support the concept of the circular economy by encouraging product reuse, where possible
  • Create a profitable recycling system, through the careful salvaging of precious materials and other component parts.