A robust post shredder engineered
with SRF production margins in mind

TR secondary shredder for Waste to Energy/SRF

The TR shredder series is without doubt the most renowned post shredder in the UK Waste to Energy marketplace. It is the first machine of its kind for processing Solid Recovered Fuel and Refuse Derived Fuel substances.

Applications for the TR secondary shredder:

  • Treated household waste (MSW)
  • Treated commercial and industrial waste
  • Packaging materials
  • Pre-shredded plastic waste and film
  • Automotive shredder residue (ASR)

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How does the TR waste shredder work?

Used to refine the fraction size of pre shredded MSW and C&I waste, this SRF shredder (or secondary shredder) has been purposefully designed to produce a fuel which can be burned in power stations and cement kilns in replacement of fossil fuels.

Having involved clients in the design and development of the TR shredder, the machine boasts technological excellence which not only satisfies WtE industry requirements; it exceeds efficiency expectations again and again, allowing clients to adopt a ‘lean manufacturing’ approach to their alternative fuel production system.

With this SRF shredder, clients benefit from a quick change cutting system, increased uptime, high reliability, automatic foreign object detection, easy machine access and therefore simplicity of maintenance, an energy-saving drive system, cost and time savings to ensure the greatest return on investment in the marketplace, and the satisfaction of environmental obligations.

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TR shredder features at a glance

  • High reliability
  • Increased uptime
  • Automatic foreign object detection
  • Simplicity of maintenance
  • Homogeneity of particle size
  • Most energy-efficient drive system in the UK WtE marketplace
  • After sales support and service/maintenance packages
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All of our shredders are supplied with expert customer support service

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Example efficiency of the TR post shredder

Typically secondary shredders within WtE plants require a minimum of eight hours to change a full cutter system. But with the TR, instead of four bolts holding two cutter plates to the rotor, the quick-change UNTHA system has only one bolt for every two plates, making it four times faster.

This high-performance single shaft shredding technology has taken the UK Waste to Energy sector by storm. But the UNTHA TR shredder is about much more than just throughput – it achieves unmatched precision too.

SRF producers need to guarantee a refined and homogenous particle size, even more-so than RDF manufacturers who in comparison tend to require a rougher shred with a less specific fraction requirement. The waste processing systems and technologies that these companies invest in therefore need to be tried and tested, to instil confidence that the stringent requirements of their end users will be met.

With the TR shredder, clients have utmost peace of mind that the machine specification has been developed to satisfy industry needs where others have failed.

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Waste to Energy shredder demonstration - SRF production at Brown Recycling

When it comes to the benefits of the TR shredder, don’t just take our word for it! See this secondary shredder in action on this client’s site, and hear what difference the machine has made to them since it was installed.


We’re always looking for ways to work smarter, save energy, improve quality and achieve greater commercial stability as an organisation. And it seemed we could do this with the help of UNTHA’s new technology. I’d go so far as to say this shredder is revolutionary.

Jim Entwisle, Director, Lancashire Waste

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