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UNTHA XR pre shredder for RDF/
Waste to Energy/SRF

UNTHA Shredding Technology has always led the way when it comes to innovative Waste to Energy technologies. For years the XR pre shredder and TR secondary shredder have achieved unrivalled throughputs, uptime and return on investments for Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) and Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) customers worldwide. But now, the brand new XR ripper and cutter series really does represent the next generation of shredding technology for this niche sector.

XR waste applications (untreated or pre-sorted):

  • Commercial and Industrial waste (C&I waste)
  • Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)
  • Bulky waste
  • Waste bales
  • Mixed waste from building sites

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By far the most forward-thinking, energy-efficient and flexible shredder in the global waste marketplace today!

With a revolutionary modular design, this is the first machine to be designed and manufactured in UNTHA’s innovation centre in Kuchl, Austria. Extensively trialled and tested on the continent, this latest feat of engineering breaks the conventional shredding mould. Instead of relying on traditional design concepts, UNTHA has worked hard to develop a completely new machine that achieves throughput, flexibility, precision, uptime, energy-efficiency, cost savings and noise minimisation, that customers didn’t even think possible.

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How it works

Purposefully designed to offer maximum flexibility when it comes to the final fraction size, the new single shaft XR shredder has two distinct cutting concepts that can be configured, and re-configured, to suit clients’ individual requirements. No other WtE shredder in the world is as flexible as this!

The XR Ripper
New XR Ripper

  • This tearing motion achieves a rough shred of untreated waste, with a homogenous, pre-determined particle size between 100-400mm, to suit the client’s requirements.
  • The final fraction size is regulated by adjustable screen bars.

The XR Cutter
New XR Cutter

  • The indexable cutters and interchangeable screens on this XR achieve a more sophisticated and precise shred.
  • This shredder provides the most cost-effective way to achieve a 50mm output, at high throughputs, in a single pass.

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What makes this XR different?

The XR can still be used as a standalone RDF shredder to produce a material used in grate burn or open grate firing. It also acts as a pre shredder for SRF, when combined with the highly-acclaimed TR. But what makes it different?

This new machine has been specifically engineered to provide the next generation of energy efficient waste shredding technology. It contains a completely new ‘UNTHA Eco Drive’ concept, which guarantees up to 50% less energy consumption than conventional electro-hydraulic drive options. This can equate to electricity savings in excess of £500,000 over the lifetime of the machine.

Load-dependent speed controls adjust the XR’s RPM and torque to maximise throughputs of up to 70 tonnes/hour. Furthermore, modern water-cooled, synchronous motors work tirelessly without overheating, delivering highly sought-after optimum uptime.

Yet such pioneering design features do not mean the machine is over complex. In fact years of careful engineering and development have resulted in a shredder that is even simpler to operate and maintain than the previous, highly popular XR. It runs like a piece of sophisticated software that is easy to control and can achieves the bold benefits it promises.

So, as alternative fuel production activity increases worldwide, there really is no better machine to shred your untreated waste.

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Summary of benefits

45-50% less energy consumption, which can equate to over £500,000 electricity savings over the lifetime of the machine. These savings alone could offset the cost of the shredder and pay all the finance charges!

Load-dependent speed controls which adjust the RPM and torque to achieve maximum throughputup to 70 tonnes/hour

• Synchronous, water-cooled motors work tirelessly without overheating, guaranteeing the XR’s unparalleled uptime statistics

Consistent particle sizes between 50mm-400mm achievable, depending on your requirements. No other WtE shredder offers this flexibility

Shred down to 50mm in a single pass, satisfying the fuel requirements of a fluidised bed plant, for example, with just one piece of equipment!

Low charging height, meaning untreated material can be fed into the XR using just one, wheeled loader, which further reduces unnecessary costs. Previously two pieces of plant were required, normally manned by two operators

Noise pollution minimisation – this new XR has been seen to achieve results of even less than 75 dB(A), in comparison to competitor machines which typically run at 105 dB(A)

• The ergonomic design ensures operators can service and maintain the machine quickly, safely and in an upright position. This is further complemented by a touch screen control panel with remote diagnostics from UNTHA’s Austrian headquarters

• The robust, warp-resistant frame ensures a long-lasting machine that withstands the pressures of continuous operation

Low wear and long-lasting parts keep ongoing running costs low and maintenance minimal

Efficient foreign object protection. The quick and efficient discharge of un-shreddable items protects the machine and its component parts, and reduces operational downtime

• No pulleys, no drive belts and less strain mean this XR is built to last

• UNTHA UK provides after sales support, plus service and maintenance packages and prompt supply of cost-effective spare parts.

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See for yourself how this innovative shredder turns waste into high quality alternative fuels such as RDF or SRF. Press play to watch our short demonstration video.

The XR shredder shows just how clever modern waste machinery can be. This is next generation technology at its finest, which is important for a progressive business like ours. Thanks to the XR we can achieve a cleaner, more refined product, in a single pass and with utmost simplicity.
You might expect a shredder as advanced as the TR to prove expensive to run, but this is not the case at all. This is an incredibly innovative yet cost effective solution which delivers a very impressive output for our fast-paced business.
From my experience with these types of systems, I would say that UNTHA’s XR is a real ground breaker. I think the combination of shredding performance, drive control and accessibility for maintenance work is truly unique. Furthermore, the layout of the ripper teeth almost entirely solves the problems associated with foreign experience with these types of systems, I would say that UNTHA’s XR is a real ground breaker. I think the combination of shredding performance, drive control and accessibility for maintenance work is truly unique. Furthermore, the layout of the ripper teeth almost entirely solves the problems associated with foreign materials.
As we watched the new XR operate under real, particularly demanding shredding conditions, its capabilities shone through immediately. I’d go so far as to say this shredder is revolutionary. For us, it will do the job of a pre-shredder and a high capacity secondary shredder, in just one machine. What’s more, the XR’s energy efficiency is not only better for the environment; it will result in phenomenal cost savings for our business.

James Wheeldon, Director, Wheeldon Brothers
Iain Taylor, Head of Operations, Binn Group
Dietmar Bamberger of W&P Zement
Klaas Hofstra, Adverio Engineering/NL

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