A small footprint,
impressive recycling capabilities

UNTHA LRK1000 and LRK1400

Compact and reliable plastic shredders, the UNTHA LRK1000 and LRK1400 are popular with companies looking to improve their approach to plastic recycling and reduce the volume of their plastic waste. Capable of achieving impressive throughput, these single shaft UNTHA shredders are both driven electronically with a hydraulically operated RAM device. Plastics are pushed against the shredders’ rotor – which is equipped with changeable inserts – using a load controlled feeder system, and the material is then shredded against the cutting bars.

A selection of tried-and-tested plastic applications:

  • Plastic films
  • Plastic drums/IBC plastic drums
  • Plastic packaging
  • Polythene products
  • Car dashboards
  • Car bumpers
  • Interior auto trim
  • Polymer foam
  • Hard wax

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LRK1000 and LRK1400 features at a glance:

  • Interchangeable screens for consistent particle size
  • Supplied with motors of up to 66kW, high throughputs are achievable
  • Outstanding uptime
  • After sales shredder support
  • Ease of operation and maintenance
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Compact plastic shredder demonstration

Want to see our single shaft LRK1000 shredder in action? Watch this short video to see the machine and in-built ram handle an array of plastic materials. If you’d rather put the shredder to the test using your own materials, contact us to arrange a free trial in our North Yorkshire test centre.

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We wanted to heighten our throughput and invest in a reliable machine that would deliver a return on investment for many years… The shredders have delivered the results UNTHA said they would, and more.
In 10 years, we’ve never experienced a problem with this machine whatsoever. It is amazing!

Shaun Todd, purchasing manager, Melba Swintex
Mark Cruttenden, founder and director, Norkram Limited

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