Plastic Waste Shredders

Demands within the plastic waste and recycling industry are incredibly varied. This is why waste management specialist UNTHA UK provides a range of configurable single shaft and four shaft plastic shredders, each designed to meet the diverse needs of UK customers.

All can achieve high throughput, impressive uptime, operational simplicity, plant efficiencies and consistent particle sizes. Yet the machines within UNTHA’s fleet of plastic shredders each have their own unique selling point, or their own piece of highly-acclaimed engineering excellence.

It can be difficult to know which UNTHA shredder is best suited to your needs which is why the plastics section of this website takes you through some of our most recommended models.

So whether you are shredding plastic packaging, drums, films, bottles, sheeting, bumpers, auto interior trim or any other plastic material, however complex, UNTHA UK will have the processing solution for you.

If you are looking for a plastic shredder for waste volume reduction, material regranulation, SRF/RDF and recycling, look no further. Browse through our product information, case studies and videos at your leisure, or call a member of the UNTHA UK team to discuss your specific requirements and to arrange a free site visit, which we highly recommend. If you would prefer someone contact you at an alternative convenient time, please complete our enquiry form.

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