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Very few organisations will know exactly which shredding machine is perfectly suited to their needs. That’s why our website focuses on client applications, so that you can learn more about the UNTHA technology that is directly relevant to you.

Waste shredders for additional applications

With the UK’s most comprehensive range of flexible waste shredders, UNTHA UK’s engineering experts can recommend the right shredding solution for even the most unusual waste and recycling requirements.

Simply browse through the shredder pages that have been highlighted for your sector – perhaps even download some informative product brochures to digest at your leisure – and then why not contact the UNTHA UK team to discuss your specific needs in more detail.

Our waste machinery consultants are here to help. We are happy to provide a no obligation assessment of the best-fit technology for your particular waste and recycling scenario, and will readily share some best-practice shredding tips too.

Industrial Wood Shredders

UNTHA UK’s extensive range of industrial wood shredders means there is a machine to suit all manner of trades, from joiners to sawmills and the woodworking industry as a whole. Whether these companies wish to shred their wood to sell as briquettes or bark mulch, or whether they are seeking to generate heat from their waste, UNTHA’s technology ensures a reliable and efficient shred, and a homogenous granulate.

So many of UNTHA’s industrial machines are perfectly equipped to handle the rugged requirements of wood shredding; it’s just a case of identifying which waste shredder is best suited to your particular application.

UNTHA RS wood waste shredders

UNTHA’s tried and tested RS series waste shredders are perfect for the shredding of solid wood, timber, veneers, bark, cardboard and paper. The robust four shaft shredding technology of the RS30 and RS40 provide clients with a pre and post shredding process in one single pass. UNTHA’s RS shredders deliver high availability, consistent throughput and low levels of noise and dust.


Click to download UNTHA’s compact RS30 – 40 shredder brochure for waste wood

UNTHA VR wood waste shredders

One of UNTHA’s most powerful single shaft machines, the new VR waste shredder boasts a robust cutting system, revolutionary drive, maintenance free ram and consistently high throughput when shredding even the most rugged of materials. The VR is therefore so much more than a plastics shredder – it can handle lumber yard waste, wood pallets, furniture and construction and demolition waste wood with ease.


Click to download UNTHA’s VR series wood shredder brochure

UNTHA LR wood waste shredders

UNTHA’s powerful LR1400 wood shredder is renowned for its incredibly high throughput. Characterised by its reliability and performance even in the toughest wood shredding environments, this machine is mainly used by joiners, carpenters and sawmill operators who have a wood waste volume in excess of 12m³ per week.

Suitable for processing materials such as pallets, solid wood, logs, chipboards, veneers, bark, wooden pallets and MDF, the LR1400 can achieve a homogenous particle size perfectly suited to biomass heat recovery and wood briquette production.

This robust machine includes a hydraulic swing pusher which load-dependently presses the material against the rotor. The rotor is fitted with indexable, interchangeable cutters which grab the wood waste and shred it against the static cutting bars and perforated screen.

If you’d like to discuss your pallet/wood shredding requirements, a member of the UNTHA UK team will be happy to provide a free, no obligation consultation. Simply complete our enquiry form today.

Hazardous Waste Shredders

Ever-changing legislation and an increasing awareness of the need to develop safe and environmentally responsible waste disposal methods, mean that the processing of any waste packaging falls under great scrutiny. IBC containers, drums and cartons that have previously housed hazardous substances such as chemicals, acids and alkalis are therefore becoming increasingly difficult to discard.

In just the same way that chemicals need to be stored and processed in a safe and controlled manner, the storage containers must also be handled with care before they enter the waste stream. The co-disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes in to landfill was banned in July 2005. In autumn 2007, the Government also outlawed the crude shredding of IBCs and waste chemical barrels which were then mixed in a pit with lime or other neutralising agents before land filling.

But even the most hazardous wastes pose no problem for UNTHA’s robust specially configured RS shredder series, as mechanical seals and drop-out zones keep aggressive and corrosive materials away from the bearings and gear boxes. Capable of handling up to 205 litre steel or plastic drums, and 1000 litre IBC bottles, UNTHA’s four shaft machines with a ram device allow companies to shred their hazardous waste on site. When the resulting fraction exits the waste shredder it can then be transported using a conveyor belt into a specialist mixing plant, whereby it is combined with a neutralisation agent under controlled conditions, to ensure that the material is inert before final disposal. This chemically neutral substance can then be safely reused; energy can even be harnessed from it.


Click to download RS45 – 100 shredder brochure for hazardous waste


Click to download UNTHA’s industrial RS150 hazardous waste shredder brochure 

Medical Waste Shredders

Rather than operating a ‘one size fits all’ approach to waste management, UNTHA’s pioneering engineers have worked alongside organisations in every sector to develop bespoke shredding solutions that satisfy varied application requirements.

When it comes to shredding medical waste such as soiled dressings, surgical gowns, packaging and sharps, organisations need look no further than the heavy duty UNTHA RS series. Special cutter configurations have been purposefully designed for this material type, and interchangeable screens allow the required particle size to be achieved.

This slow speed, high torque machine is a powerful shredding solution. Incorporating the latest design of mechanical seals, the bearings and gear box are protected from any ingress of corrosive materials. This specially configured UNTHA RS series shredder has an intelligent foreign object protection mechanism to prevent damage to the cutters in the event of unexpected items accidentally entering the medical waste stream. Titanium hip joints are a particular problem and are often found in medical waste.


Click to download UNTHA’s compact RS30 – 40 shredder brochure for medical waste


Click to download UNTHA’s brochure for mid-range medical waste shredders 

Also, take a look at the powerful single-shaft UNTHA VR shredder which has been praised as the next generation of waste shredding technology. This robust machine is perfect for even the toughest applications, including medical waste.


Click to download UNTHA’s VR series shredder brochure

Aluminium Can Shredders

Organisations often approach UNTHA UK to ask what solutions we can provide for the shredding of aluminium drinks cans. Whilst every scenario is different, the UNTHA RS shredder usually lies at the heart of every recommendation.

We often find that, at the waste disposal stage, consumers naturally place things in aluminium cans that shouldn’t be there, for instance blades, cigarettes and wood. This can potentially result in a small amount of waste contamination, which needs to be addressed if operators are to achieve a clean product with a maximum financial return .

Aluminium cans may be fed into the RS shredder loose or in non-rigid bales, and if required the machine can be fitted with a ram device to aid the shredding process. The material is then shredded down to a pre-defined, consistent particle size for optimum recycling. UNTHA UK recommend the use of ferrous magnets and eddy current separators to sort ferrous materials and plastics from the resulting fraction, thus achieving a really clean product.

Using a modular system which allows tailor-made solutions to be devised, the RS can be specially configured for aluminium shredding. For instance the unique UNTHA-designed compressed air system cleans the gaps between the cutters preventing wear and also to giving an indication of cutter damage. This well-engineered design feature achieves cost, time and maintenance efficiencies for users.


Click to download UNTHA’s RS45 – 100 shredder brochure for aluminium cans


Click to download UNTHA’s industrial RS150 aluminium can shredder brochure

Cable Shredders

Waste shredders are being increasingly sought for the processing of old cables, because it is no longer economically viable to export loose cable to China. Instead cables can be sampled, graded and shredded to aid the recovery of copper, lead, steel and plastic.

UNTHA’s slow speed, high torque four shaft technology is perfect for cable shredding because operators can achieve an efficient and safe shred, with the reduced risk of a spark. Interchangeable screens also provide accurate size reduction and particle size flexibility.

If you are a cable or household wiring recycler, browse through the UNTHA RS30, RS40 and RS50 brochures to find out more about these purposeful waste shredders. If you have a specific requirement, for instance the shredding of industrial cables for which we would recommend the RS50, then please contact a member of the UNTHA UK team. It’s what we are here for.


Click to download UNTHA’s compact RS30 – 40 cable shredder brochure 


Click to download UNTHA’s brochure for higher specification cable shredding 


Textile Shredders

Textiles are a notoriously difficult product to shred because the materials can be so inconsistent. However the rugged design and hard-wearing cutter systems of the UNTHA RS shredder handle this tough application with ease.

Materials fed into the machine’s main cutters are pre-shredded and re-shredded in a single operation. Anything that does not fall through the screen is passed on to the secondary cutters for re-shredding, ensuring thorough processing regardless of the nature of the textile.

With configurable speed, torque, cutting systems, screens and sealing variants, this range of flexible UNTHA shredding machines can also be tailored to suit clients’ specific requirements.


Click to download UNTHA’s compact RS30 – 40 brochure for textile shredding


Click to download UNTHA’s brochure of mid-range textile shredders 

The powerful UNTHA VR shredder is also a popular choice with clients processing difficult textile materials. With a robust cutting system, revolutionary drive and maintenance-free ram, the VR achieves high throughput even under the toughest shredding conditions.


Click to download UNTHA’s VR series shredder brochure

ASR (Automotive Shredder Residue)

Whilst predominantly a plastic-based waste, Automotive Shredder Residue (ASR) can come in all shapes and sizes. An incredibly robust machine is therefore required for this type of industrial shredding.

Once scrap vehicles have been fed into a fragger, the resulting items such as seats, dashboards and plastic air filters constitute ASR. However there is still metal waste within this material. A high performance shredder with a sophisticated foreign object protection system is therefore needed to ensure a safe and efficient waste management process.

The world-renowned UNTHA TR shredder is perfect for this application. For instance:

• When foreign matter is detected the machine immediately stops and the door and screen automatically open to prevent any damage to the cutting system. In addidion there is a shear pin coupling to protect the drive mechanism , ensuring safe, efficient and machine-friendly removal of the object

• The machine availability uptime is increased by up to 10% as a result of UNTHA’s patented quick change cutting system

• All machine components are easily accessible via maintenance doors

• The integral heavy duty steel frame structure ensures this machine can handle ASR effectively without problem

• High throughputs are achieved by using a large diameter rotor.

Other shredders you may wish to consider for ASR include:


Click to download UNTHA’s industrial RS150 ASR brochure 


If you do not require a waste shredder as large as the RS150, download UNTHA’s RS45-RS100 brochure 

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This shredder is equipped with UNTHA’s LR Technology Package which includes:

  • Tried and tested cutting system
  • Replaceable and indexable cutters and cutter holders
  • Innovative cutter geometry
  • Powerful swing pusher

Key LR1000/LR14000 wood shredder features at a glance:

  • Unparalleled throughput
  • Perfect for large volume waste shredding
  • Homogeneity of particle size
  • Foreign object protection mechanism
  • Powerful and wear-free swing pusher design and long-life bearings
  • After sales support

LR1000/LR1400 applications:

  • Solid wood
  • Logs
  • Chipboard
  • Wooden crates/boxes
  • Veneers
  • Bark
  • MDF boards
  • Wood chip to biomass production