Expertly designed for high volume
and/or complex metal streams


Designed specifically for operators handling large volumes of waste, or particularly tough materials, the UNTHA RS150 boasts process uptime, an energy-saving drive concept, rugged cutting system, special bearings and shaft sealings, ease of operation and maintenance, and low noise and dust generation. Clients have acknowledged this slow speed high torque RS150 metal shredder as the world’s most impressive and reliable machine of its kind.

RS150 metal applications:

  • Non-ferrous scrap metal including sheets and profile
  • Metal drums
  • Car bodies
  • Refrigerators and cooling units
  • Electronic WEEE scrap, IT & telecommunications equipment
  • Cables – copper and aluminium

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RS150 shredder features at a glance:

  • High throughput, perfect for handling large volumes of waste
  • Varied protection mechanisms to prevent machine damage when shredding even the toughest of metal materials
  • The dynamic, flexible and energy-efficient UNTHA Torque Drive
  • Increased uptime due to ease of maintenance and machine robustness
  • Low operating costs
  • Easy to use control systems
  • After sales support
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Why is this metals shredder so innovatory?

UNTHA’s RS150 contains the new ‘UNTHA Torque Drive’ system, a pioneering engineering concept that has been extensively researched, developed and tested in UNTHA’s state-of-the-art factory for years. This dynamic energy-saving technology allows operators to adjust the metal shredder’s cutting speed and torque, whilst allowing the cutters to frequently reverse without causing machine damage.

Optimised power consumption and cutter protection means the RS150 is perfectly equipped to handle even the toughest metal shredding conditions. The advantage of this sophisticated drive system which has taken years to perfect, is that it now works much more efficiently than other industry equivalent machines. Because it operates without couplings, fly wheels or shear pins, the waste shredder’s reliability is increased and the risk of mechanical failure significantly reduced.

Non–ferrous scrap metal and other metal waste such as WEEE and cables are fed into the main cutters, to be pre-shredded and re-shredded in a single pass. Materials that do not pass through the screen are transferred to the secondary cutters which transport the waste back into the cutting chamber for re-shredding. The final particle size is defined by the chosen screen diameter.

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All of our shredders are supplied with expert customer support service

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UNTHA RS150 makes quick work of shredding metal barrels

There’s literally nothing that the RS150 metal shredder cannot handle, as this short video demonstration shows. Press play to watch now…

If you like what you see, why not enquire about seeing the machine in the flesh? Contact us on 0845 450 5388 to discuss your requirements.

The high torque, slow speed eco-drive concept within this machine will also keep power consumption low, which minimises our carbon footprint and saves on energy costs. You wouldn’t expect these efficiencies within such a heavy duty machine of this size.

Tony Hughes, Managing Director, LKM Recycling

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