Metals Waste Shredders

UNTHA UK’s comprehensive range of powerful metal shredders provides reliable and hard-wearing solutions for even the toughest applications.

UNTHA’s innovative shredders excels in the difficult field of metal shredding, due to the experience our engineers have in designing specialist cutting systems that can withstand extreme shredding conditions. The machines are designed to suit the application and therefore are sufficiently robust enough to withstand extreme conditions, whilst at the same time achieving impressive throughput, cost efficiencies and operational and maintenance simplicity.

Please explore the range of tried and tested four shaft metal shredders in UNTHA’s RS series, which can be used for metal waste, metal drums and barrels, metal casings, punching scrap, steel tapes and wires, metal packaging and aluminium profiles. If you think your metal materials are ‘unshreddable’ why not take a look at some of the waste shredder videos in our resource centre, to see just how powerful UNTHA’s machinery is. Or call a member of the UNTHA team to discuss your specific requirement in more detail.

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