A robust shredder specifically
designed to handle organic waste

RS40 food waste/AD shredder

The compact RS40 food waste shredder is a specially-configured machine with an innovative cutter and sealing system, perfect for shredding organic waste and packaging. One of the most popular shredders of its kind, the UNTHA RS40 has been installed in over 50% of the UK’s food waste and anaerobic digestion plants.

A selection of tried-and-tested organic waste applications:

  • Food waste
  • Catering waste
  • Shredding for anaerobic digestion
  • Packaged foods
  • Restaurant, supermarket and grocery waste
  • Slaughterhouse and animal waste
Whilst the RS40 is not necessarily the cheapest machine on the market, it does this difficult job very well. What’s more, it is an incredibly cost-effective machine in terms of ongoing running costs and spare parts, and its productivity and uptime means it is a value-adding tool for our business.

Anaerobic digestion specialist Biogen

Find out why Biogen chose the UNTHA food waste shredder

Waste shredder features at a glance:

  • Engineered specifically to tackle this complex waste
  • An extensive track record in the food waste/AD industry
  • Homogenous particle sizing
  • High uptime rates
  • Impressive throughput levels
  • Easy maintenance
  • Foreign object protection
  • Machine flexibility/multiple configuration options
  • Flexible finance packages available
  • Various service and maintenance packages for shredder longevity
  • Turnkey solutions available
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Why is this UNTHA shredder perfect for anaerobic digestion and organic waste processing?

To process organic waste optimally, the shredding process should be slow-running and designed to produce a reliable particle size. With the customised RS40 shredder, a special cutting system with specific tooth and cutting gap geometrics has been developed to ensure the right fermentation substrate.

With UNTHA’s highly-acclaimed four shaft shredding technology, the RS40 is a robust machine with unmatched productivity and uptime. Because the contents of waste streams can never be guaranteed, an integrated foreign object protection mechanism automatically shuts down the shredder to prevent machine damage and ensure a safe and functional shred.

The RS40 boasts flexibility too, depending upon the client’s shredding requirements. For instance it can handle the segregation of food wastes from packaging, or the finer shred of vegetable and food wastes in corn starch bags to achieve a reliable particle size.

It is even helping transform Category 1 International Catering Waste as part of a biomass combustion systems at London’s Heathrow and Gatwick airports, find out how here.

This food waste shredder really does achieve long term cost efficiencies and an impressive return on investment for clients, thanks to the ongoing operational savings that can be achieved from this reliable machine.

The RS series shredder is one of UNTHA’s most renowned waste processing machines, and is suitable for a range of applications. It can be operated as a stand-alone solution or integrated within a complex line of process equipment. If you would like to speak to a member of the UNTHA UK team about this waste shredder, enquire now.

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