High torque, slow speed,
maximum security shredding benefits

UNTHA’s heavy-duty RS50 and RS60

UNTHA’s heavy-duty RS50 and RS60 confidential waste shredders deliver high throughput with particle precision, energy efficiency and low dust and vibration levels. This is why the RS series has stood the test of time and remains at the forefront of the confidential waste and recycling industry.

Waste applications:

  • Confidential documents and files
  • Bank notes & statements
  • USBs, storage devices and hard drives
  • Counterfeit or contraband goods
  • Product destruction
  • Stamps
  • Rolls of labels
  • Medical records

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Waste shredder features at a glance:

  • Pre and post shred in one single step
  • Particle homogeneity
  • Good quality shred
  • Hard-wearing cutters, foreign object protection and multi-stage sealing system ensure machine robustness
  • Large screen surface and tailored cutter design for high throughput
  • Low noise and dust development
  • After sales support
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A highly configurable security shredding solution, tailored to your needs

The flexible, client-focused design of these confidential waste shredders mean that so many elements are configurable. Speed, torque, the loading aperture, design of the cutting systems, perforated screens and sealing variants can all be individually tailored to meet customers’ specific requirements. The result? An optimal waste shredding solution, however complex the brief.

So how do the RS50 and RS60 work?

Materials are fed into the shredders’ main (internal) cutting system, where they are pre shredded and post shredded in one single operation. If the shredded material does not immediately fall through the screen it is drawn into the teeth of the secondary (external) cutting system before being re-fed into the shredding process. Our quick-change screen determines the size of the final fraction, and the slow rotor speed ensures utmost end particle quality.

If you tell us your DIN security level requirement, we’ll work with you to achieve it.

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Confidential waste shredding - UNTHA RS60 processes secure documents

Want to see these confidential waste shredders in action? Watch this short demonstration video of the RS60 processing secure documents – PRESS PLAY NOW. Or, why not put the shredders to the test using your own materials. Contact us on 0845 450 5388 to arrange a trial at our North Yorkshire test center.

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