A robust solution for confidential waste,
product destruction and security shredding

UNTHA UK’s compact RS30 and RS40 shredders

UNTHA UK’s compact RS30 and RS40 shredders are flexible machines proven to particularly excel in low volume or light application confidential waste shredding. Their functional design, high availability and consistent throughput ensure a cost-efficient, dependable and precise shred.

Waste applications:

  • Confidential documents
  • Bank notes
  • USB drives
  • Mobile phones
  • CDs and DVDs
  • Stamps
  • Uniforms
  • Branded products

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RS30/40 waste shredder features at a glance:

  • High throughput
  • Precise particle size, perfect for ensuring DIN level requirements are satisfied
  • Configurable screens
  • Pre and post shredding in one step
  • After sales support
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Getting to know the compact confidential waste shredder

When researching the confidential waste marketplace, operators seek a reliable shredding solution which guarantees a meticulously-defined and homogenous particle size. So with these four shaft shredders clients’ peace of mind is priority. Classified materials are drawn into the cutting system and are pre-shredded and re-shredded in one single process. If the waste does not immediately fall through the screen it passes through a secondary cutting process before being fed back up into the main shredding operation. Easily interchangeable screens dictate the final particle size.

The slow rotor speed of the RS30 and RS40 means that not only are the shredders better protected from foreign objects; the quality of the shred is greater too. Competitors’ single shaft confidential waste shredders must operate at a greater RPM to achieve required throughput levels, but this can destroy the material fibre which must be protected if the shredded waste is to be sent for recycling. With UNTHA’s RS30 and RS40 however, high torque and a large screen achieve unrivalled throughput whilst upholding the integrity of the end fraction.

Please note: The flexible RS30 and RS40 shredders are designed to shred a wide range of waste applications including plastic film, packaging material, cardboard tubes, foamed boards, auto interior trim, transformer coils, leather, organic waste and textiles, to name just a few.

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All of our shredders are supplied with expert customer support service

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Confidential waste shredding - UNTHA RS30 handles data destruction to security level 4

The UNTHA RS30 and RS40 shredders are compact yet powerful machines that ensure the complete destruction of confidential waste materials including branded products, sensitive documentation and more. What this security shredding solution in action, in this short demonstration video.

We are delighted with our integrated system. All confidential paper is retained within a specially designed portcullis door developed by Veolia and when the waste leaves the site it is completely illegible. We’ve eliminated the need to store the waste and we are seeing cost savings of 30-35% as we receive a rebate from the paper mill of around £15 per tonne.

Simon Marriott, project manager for Skanska, Derby Hospital NHS Foundation Trust’s hard facilities management provider

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