UNTHA x One Minute Briefs

March 18 marked ‘Global Recycling Day’ and, to celebrate, the UNTHA UK team wanted to encourage the nation to think more about where their waste ends up, and how even the bulkiest items can be recycled with ease.

We partnered with social media powerhouse One Minute Briefs, to challenge its 32.3K-strong creative community to design inspiring visuals depicting how one person’s trash could be another person’s treasure.

We know all too well how bulky, awkward waste streams, such as end-of-life mattresses and defunct IT equipment, could be considered nothing more than rubbish, when in fact, they can be broken down into their component parts for reuse and recycling (with the help of an UNTHA shredder, of course).

Not only did the campaign reach the coveted #1 spot in Twitter’s ‘trending’ charts – in conjunction with the official Global Recycling Day hashtag – but it generated a massive 288 entries. And they were really, really, inspiring.

While it took us a while to settle on a shortlist of just 25 – and even more time to choose our eventual winner – do you agree with our selection?


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