UNTHA UK launches free shredder health check for clients

UNTHA UK launches free shredder health check for clients

Visitors to UNTHA UK’s central England HQ will see a bold statement proudly emblazoned on our office wall – your shredding partner long after the sale.

But words mean nothing without substance! That’s why we work hard within each department of the business to prioritise the customer experience at every point in the journey, from starting those initial conversations with us, to becoming a respected client long into the future.

It’s all part of our commitment to reducing the whole life costs of a shredder investment, maximising your margins and ensuring our technology helps your business to thrive.

Not one to rest on our laurels we’ve recently launched a new opportunity for existing customers – a free shredder health check.

Service Manager, Andrew Nadin explains: “This 7-point assessment will be carried out by one of our experienced engineers, on the customer’s site. They’ll spend approximately 3-4 hours reviewing everything from the machine’s mechanical and electrical safety systems, to the integrity of the cutters, the shredder’s drive and all cabling. 

“All of the findings will then be collated in a clear, concise report with next step recommendations. Hopefully we’ll find the machines in optimum working order but 90% of the time our knowledgeable customer service team can identify ways to improve the running condition or performance of the technology.”

Every shredder health check will include the following:

  • Operational and visual assessment of mechanical and electrical safety systems
  • Visual check of electrical cabling and panels for signs of damage, wear and water ingress
  • Visual cutter system audit, with change, turn and adjustment recommendations as applicable
  • Visual inspection of your drive system
  • Visual check of pusher system (if applicable)
  • Oil level/leak checks
  • Audible examination of the running of the machine.

“In instances of low upkeep we may need to recommend a more detailed shredder inspection.,” continues Andrew. “But all of our advice will be included in our engineers’ post-health check report. We hope our customers think of this as a shredder MOT – without the price tag!”

If you are a customer of UNTHA UK or you have an UNTHA shredder installed on your site, contact us on 01423 320843 to schedule your health check appointment or email service@untha.co.uk


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