UNTHA UK joins Wood Recyclers’ Association

UNTHA UK joins Wood Recyclers’ Association

UNTHA UK has become one of the newest members to join the industry-renowned Wood Recyclers’ Association, which reflects the team‘s ever-growing presence in this specialist market.

Formed in 2001, the WRA has grown to represent more than 100 organisations in the niche wood recycling and reprocessing field, each with a common goal of raising standards, ensuring legislative compliance and influencing the direction of policy within the UK. And UNTHA is the latest in a long line of technology manufacturers, panel board mills, consultants, renewable energy suppliers and recyclers, to come into the fold.

UNTHA is no stranger to the world of wood recycling, with the company’s Austrian-engineered shredding technology having helped salvage ‘waste’ wood for remanufacturing and other reuse routes for decades.

The compact UNTHA LR wood shredder, for instance, has long proven a popular machine for joiners, carpenters and sawmill operators looking to process a variety of wood streams including pallets, solid logs, chipboard, veneer and MDF. Promising a homogenous output fraction, with minimum fuss, this ‘workhorse of wood shredding’ is the ideal solution for recycling, briquetting and low volume biomass heat recovery.

But as UNTHA’s world-renowned XR waste shredder continues to transform alternative fuel production operations around the globe, UNTHA has further penetrated the wood market.

Available as a static or mobile machine, this high-performance shredder delivers on-specification biomass production in a single step, with minimal energy consumption, low fines, low noise, low wear and easy maintenance. This all translates into impressive plant yield, low whole life running costs, uncompromised safety and maximum margins.

Commenting on joining the WRA, UNTHA UK’s sales director Gary Moore said: “We have a growing list of major heavyweight wood recycling clients including Crapper & Sons and Eco Sustainable Solutions, to name just a couple.

“These companies – among others – use the XR3000C mobil-e shredder to produce their P63 specification biomass, and we have enjoyed playing an instrumental role in transforming their operations as they strive to do more innovative things with their wood processing lines.”

Managing director Marcus Brew added: “We’ve challenged the norm in what is widely considered a dangerous, expensive and often high-hazard waste shredding sector. We’ve invested heavily in high torque, slow speed, electric-driven equipment, which boasts impressive throughputs, in-built fire suppression technology, more uptime, less dust and better fuel quality than traditional competitor machinery.

“Crapper & Sons, for example, transforms 30 tonnes of wood waste per hour into a P63- specification biomass fuel, with less than 6% <10mm fines. The product is sold to board mills and biomass plants across the country, and more than £3000 of revenue is generated per week from the sale of clean metals extracted directly from the magnet belt.

“That same client is also now able to manufacture a higher quality, on-specification biomass fuel, with only one shredder not two, and with 20% more uptime. But we’re pleased to say, this is not an isolated case – these are the ytype of results we promise for many organisations. And if we don’t think they’re feasible, we’ll be honest about how we think you should progress.”

By joining the WRA, UNTHA UK hopes to further collaborate with the most forward-thinking organisations in this challenging but environmentally lucrative world, to promote and disseminate our technical knowledge and experience to a wider, more informed audience. 

“‘Get involved’ is a key phrase for UNTHA UK this year, and that’s exactly what we are doing by working with this prestigious industry association,” concluded Gary.

Capable of achieving a variety of output briefs, UNTHA UK’s wood shredding technology can process down to P63, P100, G30 and G50 specifications, and more.

If you’re looking for a wood shredder, pallet shredder or shredder for biomass manufacturing, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0845 450 5388 and one of our wood shredding specialists will be happy to discuss your specific requirements. Alternatively, if you’d just like to browse at this stage, please enjoy exploring our website, maybe starting with some of the links provided throughout this post.

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