UNTHA hailed one of region’s most digitally innovative businesses

For the second year running, UNTHA UK has been recognised in the Digital Enterprise Top 100. The achievement means that our hard-working team has been identified as one of Leeds City Region’s most innovative, digitally transformational and resilient SMEs.

This is no mean feat considering we’re based in the largest regional economy outside of London, and there are over 109,000 exceptional businesses in this area alone!

But despite being a welcome surprise, the accolade reflects four years of ongoing effort from everyone throughout our business and is deserved and well-timed praise after a difficult year.

Commenting on the news, UNTHA UK’s Sharon Annat – a key driving force behind the project – said: “Many businesses have been forced to change this year, due to Covid-19, which is an albeit bittersweet benefit to emerge from the crisis. However, our appetite for digital transformation is long-standing. We didn’t have to push for better, but we did, because we wanted to do more – for our colleagues, for the business, for our customers’ businesses, and the degree of environmental progress we’re able to leverage in the wider industry.

“Covid has therefore proven the resilience of UNTHA UK, and the impact that our digital transformation roadmap can have, and I’m delighted that we have been recognised among some real regional heavyweights.”

The powerful technology lying at the heart of this mammoth project has completely transformed how UNTHA UK is run. From a compliance perspective, this has helped us uphold our ISO certifications and industry standards, and in turn enabled us to support bigger clients on more complex projects, with tougher infrastructure requirements.

We’ve worked hard to transform the customer journey too, so that sales orders flow seamlessly through our project process, and into our aftercare team. Everyone is constantly in the loop, with access to the information they need, in real-time. And the really exciting thing, is that there’s even more to come!

“Back in 2016, our objective was to make the initial leap into the cloud. However, the funding we’ve received has fuelled our ongoing, long-term roadmap – not to mention our commitment to continuous digital transformation improvement, which now runs through the veins of UNTHA,” continued Sharon. “This cultural change is an especially huge achievement for what was once a small, family-run company.”

Managing director Marcus Brew added: “This vast project has eliminated departmental silos in our ever-growing company, helped us foster stronger communication, empowered employees throughout the business to work smarter irrespective of location, armed us with data-driven insight, and ultimately, enabled us to deliver an even higher level of customer service.

“We also transitioned to lockdown-enforced homeworking almost instantly, with no detriment to the customer experience, colleague communication, or morale. At a time when our industry was granted key worker status, this fluidity was crucial.

“It’s been a huge investment of time, effort and change management, but it’s been incredibly worthwhile. And in truth – as we press on to become a £15m company – I feel like we’re only just getting started.”

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