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UNTHA Employee Q&A – Sharon Annat

Sharon Annat, UNTHA UK's process manager

In this month’s employee Q&A, we chat to UNTHA’s process manager Sharon Annat about her favourite part of the job and her hopes for UNTHA…

Name: Sharon Annat

Job title: Process manager

Summarise your role in one paragraph

As the process manager here at UNTHA UK, I am currently responsible for co-ordinating the further development of our ongoing transition to ‘the Cloud’. Working with a technical development team, the move will help transform our business processes – to improve our efficiency and maximise productivity.

In the year ahead, my focus will surround the business intelligence that we can glean from this new system, and how we can use it to help us make informed decisions for ongoing company developments.

What’s your favourite part of the job?

I thoroughly enjoy the analytical reporting element of my role – viewing the company activity in this way highlights our successes, as well as identifying any possible areas for improvement. It’s such a powerful tool, which provides great insight into the workings of the business.

Which one word would your colleagues use to describe you?

A nuisance? (But I would like to think they say I’m helpful).

What does it take to be a great shredder partner?

A variety of elements need to work hand-in-hand to produce the end result – a good product, great customer service and an excellent reputation.

If one of your shredders could win an award, which would be most worthy?

Although I love the XR mobil-e for its exceptional design, I would have to choose the RS40 for versatility reasons – it can be used for so many different applications.

The phone rings and it’s your dream client… who would it be?

It would be someone who comes on board knowing exactly the machine they want – and requiring it the following week!

Failing that, Jason Statham or Tom Hardy requesting a tour of the building…!

Describe your most satisfying shredder sale/installation to date (machine & application)

Although nowadays I’m not directly involved in the projects of the business, it is very exciting to see the finished solution on larger plants. The photographs of these installations are always extremely impressive!

UNTHA has received particular praise for its customer support services in recent months – why are these so important for clients in the modern waste and recycling industry?

This is quite simple really. Certainly in terms of the plants we supply to – some which are in operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week – any downtime is costly. Our fast response is therefore crucial to their business, and we understand the necessity to remain reliable.

What are your hopes for UNTHA in the coming year?

That we continue to develop the new cloud-based system to encompass all our processes and move the business forward. Also, to build upon the successes that the first part of 2018 has brought – it’s been a particularly busy phase!

What is the biggest challenge facing the industry over the next 12 months?

The challenge posed by Brexit – in particular the uncertainty of the path ahead – will be tough. And the new GDPR throws up different hurdles in the sector – although we are confident in our own compliance!

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