UNTHA Employee Q&A – Marcus Brew

The latest employee to feature in our regular Q&A is Marcus Brew, UNTHA UK’s managing director. Here, he reveals how his colleagues would describe him, what it takes to be a great shredder partner, and his hopes for UNTHA… Name: Marcus Brew Job title: Managing director Summarise your role in one paragraph I’m responsible for the overall direction of the business, to ensure our strategic growth within our key waste and recycling markets. I also have a hands-on role in the development and performance of our team and enjoy still being involved in client project discussions both pre- and post-installation. I have decades of industrial experience, so I like to think I’m still able to put that engineering insight to good use, especially in the waste to energy sector. What’s your favourite part of the job? I enjoy it when we receive particularly complex briefs, or when we are approached by a client who thinks they have an ‘unshreddable’ problem that cannot be solved. From the toughest biomass scenario to heavy duty WEEE applications, the seemingly most difficult assignments are those where we excel. It’s because we’re surrounded by great tech and great people that we can make this bold claim, and this has to be one of the best perks of being at the helm of UNTHA. Which one word would your colleagues use to describe you? Talkative! What does it take to be a great shredder partner? To maintain a customer focus from day one and for the lifetime of a client relationship. We don’t believe in selling machines for the sake of it. We devise solutions, and whilst shredders, conveyors, magnets and so on, may be the obvious manifestations of what we can do, these solutions stand out in a crowded market because of UNTHA’s service products. From a commitment to innovation and quality standards, to an unswerving safety focus and passion for maximising a client’s bottom line… these things make a great shredder partner. Otherwise, we’d just be a shredder vendor. If one of your shredders could win an award, which would be most worthy? Tough call as I’ve worked closely with the XR for the last few years. At the moment though, I think the RS150 is doing some really exciting things in the WEEE and metal scrap arena. The phone rings and it’s your dream client… who would it be? Someone from a tropical climate who needs me to do a site visit and sends their private jet to pick me up from Boroughbridge… OK, seriously? A client with a collaborative mindset, clear lines of communication and a desire to look at the long term business wide benefits that a shredder can deliver. Describe your most satisfying shredder sale/installation to date (machine & application) It’s hard to say as I’ve been here a fair while now! The first XR installation in the UK was pretty exciting but we’re about to announce a brilliant biomass project which my colleague Gary spearheaded – that definitely deserves a shout out (watch this space!) UNTHA has received particular praise for its customer support services in recent months – why are these so important for clients in the modern waste and recycling industry? I think savvy businesses are looking beyond the initial price tag and evaluating their investments in terms of the value that can be added to the business. This is exactly why our support services exist – to maximise and prolong that value. We care about things like clients’ flexibility and profitability, and these things matter a lot, especially when the economic climate is tough. What are your hopes for UNTHA in the coming year? We always have exciting news on the horizon, and the next 12 months are no different. Expect announcements relating to our people, products, our presence in the market, and more… One thing’s for sure, you can never get bored. What is the biggest challenge facing the industry over the next 12 months? I think legislative change, whilst it often brings about progress, is difficult for some of our clients to navigate, as there is often such a lack of clarity surrounding what needs to be done, when and by who. Sometimes really law-abiding businesses get caught out, or worry about regulatory changes unnecessarily, simply because they can’t get hold of the details they need to make informed next-step business decisions. This shouldn’t be the case.

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