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UNTHA Employee Q&A – Gary Moore

Gary Moore

In this latest instalment of our new employee Q&A, sales manager Gary Moore tells us a bit more about himself. Find out about his role at UNTHA UK, which shredder he thinks deserves recognition, and his hopes for UNTHA in the coming year…

Name:  Gary Moore

Job title:  Sales Manager

Summarise your role in one paragraph

My responsibility as sales manager at UNTHA UK is to devise best-fit shredding solutions that maximise throughput, uptime, particle precision, energy efficiency and return on investment (ROI).

I am also required to support prospective clients with the evolution of their shredding projects, which will ultimately heighten their environmental integrity – and more importantly strengthen their bottom lines!

What’s your favourite part of the job?

I like to think of myself as a customer-focused people-person, so it’s meeting prospective clients. Discussing the design, sale and supply of turnkey, revenue-generating recycling and waste management solutions is important to me. Furthermore, watching these systems move from conception to tangible reality gives me a real sense of achievement.

Which one word would your colleagues use to describe you?


What does it take to be a great shredder partner?

My colleagues have answered this question, in the past, from the point of view of what makes us great. I’d like to flip the question on its head and talk about who I love working with, in a customer.

That would be someone who understands their shredding requirements.

As obvious as it sounds, you need to know what the shredder can achieve.  Think also about your material type, particle size and the need for fraction homogeneity. Then consider additional factors such as required throughput, available space and the extent to which your shredder will have to work alongside other separation or processing equipment.

Start by considering the furthest point in the supply chain and work back from there. Whether you’re producing a commodity and need to take ‘end user requirements’ into account, or whether you simply need to ensure the compliant disposal of materials, the final output criteria should drive your shredder purchase.

Some customers fail to adequately plan.  Most shredding requirements evolve over time, so the equipment needs to be flexible to protect the longevity of the investment. If such a consideration isn’t made, organisations may find they lack the capacity or output sizing capabilities they truly need, further down the line.

I’m also incredibly concerned when people focus only on the price tag, and don’t consider the ongoing wear costs of the shredder. Of course, capital outlay is important, but there are so many other factors that can affect the overall affordability of a machine including uptime, longevity of component parts, power consumption, maintenance intervals, plus the price and availability of spare parts.

Our customer’s positive results are a benchmark of our success and when taking these points into account it underpins and formulates a unique partnership.

If one of your shredders could win an award, which would be most worthy?

This is a tough one. But for me, it’s the way in which single shaft shredding has revolutionised the alternative fuel production market, which warrants award success. The throughputs, flexibility, energy efficiency and low noise of the XR, for example, is like nothing I’ve ever seen before in the industry. It is a machine I feel extremely proud to work with, and the fact that we’ve just sold our 150th unit is a testament to how much it has changed the face of waste shredding on a global scale.

The phone rings and it’s your dream client… who would it be?

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon.

“Gary, it’s Jeff Bezos.  I’m pleased to inform you that Amazon are willing to stock the entire range of UNTHA shredders, with customer payment required prior to delivery and automatic restocking essential.  All the best, Jeff”.

Describe your most satisfying shredder sale/installation to date (machine & application)

During a lengthy career, I have had many applications/installations that have proved to be technically, mentally and financially demanding. However, the one project that springs to mind that encompasses all these areas would be for a design and build solution which we supplied to Avanti Environmental Limited. The turnkey solution comprised of a 226kW ECO-Drive, XR3000C low speed-high torque, single-shaft shredding system with FE extraction and Eddy-Current system for Non-FE extraction. This was then capable of high throughput and handling of diverse, mixed and potentially hazardous wastestreams, which we then converted into a premium grade SRF to be used in the cement industries.

Throughout, we had to maintain a strict design and project management ethos, to ensure that we delivered the right solution, which in turn provided the correct product. Everything had to be fulfilled on time and within budget, to ensure that the customer realised their return on investment from the point of final commissioning.

UNTHA has received popular praise for its customer support services in recent months – why are these so important for clients in the modern waste and recycling industry?

Customer support is an integral part of the product experience and is critical to competing effectively in any industry.

I believe taking care of our customers conveys a strong set of moral values and a belief in the product and company’s overall mission.  It means that there are greater forces at work here than mere profit – it’s indicative of our deeper desire to build something of value, to help others, and in doing so to alter the waste and recycling industry.

What are your hopes for UNTHA in the coming year?

I don’t believe that ‘hope’ is really a strategy. We, like most other successful companies, plan for the next business year.  We therefore have many new ideas for innovative solutions to address the issues and opportunities presented to us previously by our customers.  At the top of the list are to:

  • continue to be the country’s leading supplier of innovative waste shredding technology and waste management expertise;
  • continue to innovate by using the latest cutting-edge technology, designed by highly qualified engineers, to create the most revolutionary waste shredders in the industry.
  • encourage ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’.

I hope we can make these a reality in the coming months.

What is the biggest challenge facing the industry over the next 12 months?

There are significant safety challenges facing the waste and recycling industry. They include machine guarding hazards, exposure to powerful equipment with moving parts, and the ever-increasing concern of fire.

Industry leaders always offer a proactive safety approach, which begins with an intensive safety compliance audit at every plant. This then extends to rigorous safety training for all employees, to ensure that safety levels are met. However, we must continue to be vigilant and ensure that best practice is continually applied to all members of staff.



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