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UNTHA Employee Q&A – Andy Mackay

Andy MacKay, service engineer at UNTHA UK

In this month’s employee Q&A, we learn more about service engineer Andy Mackay. He shares with us his favourite part of the role, his hopes for UNTHA in the coming year and the word his colleagues would use to describe him…

Name: Andy Mackay

Job title: Service engineer

Summarise your role in one paragraph

Varied! It covers everything from installing and servicing the shredders – carrying out fault-finding and repairs when necessary – through to machine optimisation.

What’s your favourite part of the job?

Providing help to our customers. Leaving a site where I’ve carried out work and made a client happy – with minimum downtime for the machine in question – is very rewarding!

Which one word would your colleagues use to describe you?


What does it take to be a great shredder partner?

The ability to provide a full system for customers – which includes conveyors or magnets for example – as opposed to individual components in a chain. Added to that, the effective maintenance of the machine after installation, and throughout the length of the relationship.

If one of your shredders could win an award, which would be most worthy?

The XR-3000 because of its high throughput and low energy usage. It’s an incredibly efficient machine and can handle more or less anything you put in it!

The phone rings and it’s your dream client… who would it be?

Someone who knows exactly what they want and is specific on the type of material they require shredding. Additionally, a customer who maintains the machinery to a high standard!

Describe your most satisfying shredder sale/installation to date (machine & application)

It was the recent installation of the first QR in the country, at Riverdale Paper in the Gateshead area.

UNTHA has received particular praise for its customer support services in recent months – why are these so important for clients in the modern waste and recycling industry?

Because customers need to know that they can rely on a long-standing partnership with their equipment provider – and that they aren’t going to be abandoned once they have made their investment. When you enter into this type of transaction with UNTHA, you can rely on a continual support service from us.

What are your hopes for UNTHA in the coming year?

I’d like to see us install more of the QR machines across the UK – it’s a great machine.

What is the biggest challenge facing the industry over the next 12 months?

I believe it’s going to be single-use plastic – globally we need to recycle more to stop the problems that this material is causing across the world.

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