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The UNTHA shredder spotlight – the brand new QR

The UNTHA QR shredder

Each month, our sales team puts the spotlight on a specific machine within the UNTHA range. This time, it’s the turn of the UNTHA QR shredder – the newest feat of engineering to be added to our fleet. Learn more about the features, uses and benefits of this shredding technology in this short Q&A answered by Dan Fairest…

  • Describe this machine in one paragraph

A compact shredder that achieves BIG results from troublesome wastes including plastics, pallets and packaging waste, with minimal effort and cost!

  • How exactly does the shredding process work?

This latest innovation has been developed by recyclers, for recyclers! We’ve worked with the industry to understand modern waste handling needs and operational challenges, and the result is a maximum performance piece of technology, with simplicity at its heart.

The QR represents the next generation of single shaft shredding, with design features including a robust cutting unit, a virtually indestructible body, a resilient drive system, an easy-access maintenance point and foreign object protection. This all combines to ensure clients spend less time worrying about the shredder’s operation and more time actually…shredding! (not to mention making money!)

Rather than getting too ‘techy’ it’s sometimes easier to just have a look – this explainer video answers the ‘how does it work’ question brilliantly.

  • What waste streams can it handle?

The industry is increasingly demanding flexibility from capital assets – and rightly so!

The QR is therefore well equipped to tackle varied types of plastics including plastic lump, drums, film, mixed rigid plastics and PET bottles. But this versatile machine can also handle packaging, production, automotive and post-consumer waste, as well as wooden pallets.

The days of a universal shredder doing half a job are gone. We’ve worked hard to engineer a flexible machine that truly can recycle different input materials, equally as effectively.

A quick and simple reconfiguration is all that is required, and variable ram settings can be easily adjusted for optimum outputs.

  • What particle size can it achieve?

Homogenous particle sizing is controlled by the interchangeable screen within the shredder – anything down to 15mm is possible.

  • Describe an ideal maintenance regime

As with all of our shredders, we recommend a ‘prevention rather than cure’ approach to maintenance. Like all modern technology, the operational conditions of the QR will be optimised with regular care and servicing.

But maintenance of the QR needn’t pose a headache. In fact, this was one of our priorities during the machine’s research and development phase.

We’ve therefore engineered ‘ease of maintenance’ into the shredder, by design.

For example, the QR contains low maintenance ‘pusher’ technology for maximum yield and uptime, a resilient drive for shredder longevity, and low wear parts which lengthen necessary maintenance intervals and minimise the whole life running costs of the equipment.

Foreign object protection also safeguards the machine from damage that could otherwise be caused by ‘unshreddables’, and a simple touch screen panel with remote diagnostics means operators can maintain the QR safely and with minimal machine ingress.

  • How important is regular servicing for this machine?

The servicing routine for the QR is not excessive but the shredder should be thought of like a car – regular TLC and a periodic MOT will maximise the running conditions of the machine and prevent any unexpected and/or disruptive surprises.

  • Describe a stand-out project/client that has made innovative use of this shredder?

As a global group, we were particularly pleased when Candi Plastic Recycling became the first company in the world to install the QR shredder. In fact, they hit the headlines for their investment in this machine.

But there are many equally exciting stories to now tell, since the QR shredder came to the UK this autumn. After being revealed at the PPMA Show in Birmingham in late September, the subsequent feedback has surpassed all of our expectations. So much so, we’re due to make another QR client announcement on our website very soon. Watch this space..!

  • Is finance available?

Yes, we offer finance packages on all of our machines, for clients that would rather spread the cost of their investment. These packages are easy, affordable and tailored to the requirements of the customer. It’s even possible to factor in servicing and parts, which enables organisations to fix the cost of owning this new technology.

  • Is it possible to arrange a trial/see the QR in action?

Yes, we have a QR available in our North Yorkshire test centre, for companies that would like to trial the machine using their own materials. ‘Seeing is believing’ and this upfront transparency is one of the reasons clients love working with us.

  • What’s the best URL to find out more?

Visit the QR web page, download a technical brochure or simply contact us to learn what this machine is all about. We’ll respond to emails as quickly as possible or you’re welcome to call 0845 450 5388 to get chatting straight away.

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