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RS40 shreds hard drives

RS100 shreds washing machine

UNTHA QR1400 shreds wooden pallets

UNTHA XR mobil-e in action

What can you expect from UNTHA UK

UNTHA XR3000C shreds bulky waste at Saubermacher

UNTHA hard drive shredder in action

UNTHA mobile wood shredder in action

UNTHA food waste shredder in action

Pulper ropes shredding with the UNTHA XR

UNTHA UK's shredding showcase 2016

Webinar: A buyer’s guide to shredders


New UNTHA QR plastic shredder in action


How does the new UNTHA QR plastic shredder work?

Easy MAintenance Plastic Shredder Demonstration Video

See the all new QR easy maintenance shredder in action from UNTHA


UNTHA RS100 four shaft shredder processes IBC's, rags, baled tote bags and plastic packaging

UNTHA RS100 four shaft shredder processes PVC window and door frames

SRF production spotlight: Avanti & UNTHA UK

XR mobil-e – UNTHA’s new mobile waste shredder in action

XR mobil-e – mobile waste shredder

How to shred uniforms and clothing - textiles shredder

Hard drive destruction - innovative shredding with the UNTHA RS30

UNTHA XR Cutter waste shredder – shredding C&I waste to produce SRF

UNTHA RS40 shredder processes plastic film

UNTHA Confidential Waste Shredding

UNTHA Shredding Technology

UNTHA VR120 Plastic Shredding Demonstration - The UNTHA VR shreds plastic piping

UNTHA VR120 Plastic Shredding Demonstration 2 - The UNTHA VR shreds plastic piping

WEEE demonstration - UNTHA RS60 four shaft shredder processes hard drives & IT equipment

WEEE shredding demonstration - UNTHA RS40 processes WEEE & IT equipment

Confidential waste shredding - UNTHA RS30 handles data destruction to security level 4

Metal shredding demonstration - UNTHA four shaft tackles various metal applications

Confidential waste shredding - UNTHA RS60 processes secure documents

Metal shredding - UNTHA RS100 four shaft shredder processes scrap metal

UNTHA’s four shaft RS100 shreds confidential waste

Metal shredding - UNTHA RS100 shredder expertly process IBC's and metal barrels

UNTHA RS50 efficiently processes food waste

UNTHA RS150 makes quick work of shredding metal barrels

RS150 Pulper Ropes

UNTHA RS40 Fabric Shredding

UNTHA RS40 plastic shredding

UNTHA LRK1000 Shredder

UNTHA LRK1000 Wood Shredder - MDF offcuts

UNTHA RS40 Waste Shredder

UNTHA RS40 shredder- cashmere/wool/packaging/plastic


UNTHA UK RDF Production Showcase


Waste to Energy shredding at HW Martin

Shredding C&I waste to produce energy from waste

Pallet shredding demonstration – UNTHA VR shredder

Carpet and textile shredding technology from UNTHA UK

UNTHA XR Video 3D Animation

UNTHA XR Video 3D Animation


UNTHA XR shredder – alternative fuel production


UNTHA XR VR RDF Production

UNTHA’S wood shredders – shredding technology with bite

UNTHA’s flexible four shaft shredding technology in action

UNTHA TR Quick Change Cutting System 0910

UNTHA Waste to Energy shredder demonstration

UNTHA TR Video 3D Animation 0910


UNTHA Waste Shredder Finance Advice


UNTHA UK at the RWM Exhibition 2013

SITA UK - shredding C&I waste to produce SRF

New UNTHA XR Ripper, shredding bulky waste

New UNTHA XR Cutter shredder in action, Austria

The new UNTHA XR shredder for RDF

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UNTHA UK is the country’s leading supplier of innovative waste shredding technology and waste management expertise. Combining unparalleled technological manufacturing capabilities with decades of UK marketplace and shredding application expertise, UNTHA UK delivers an insightful, personable and value-adding service which has cemented the company’s position as the number one waste machinery provider in the country. ISOQAR Registered
Certificate No. 11513
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
OHSAS 18001
Affiliated Organisation Logo 2014 ISOQAR Registered
Cert No. 11513
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
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