Reflecting on the 2020 Spring Budget’s environmental agenda

Reflecting on the 2020 Spring Budget’s environmental agenda

Once again, the Budget was packed with much anticipated announcements from the Government, with the newly appointed chancellor of the exchequer, Rishi Sunak, revealing – among other things – that the UK will be introducing a plastic packaging tax, to come into force from April 2022.

This means that manufacturers and importers, whose products contain less than 30% recyclable material, will have to pay a £200 charge per each tonne. There’s no doubt that these new measures will help to reduce the UK’s plastic waste, with Sunak claiming that this will see a 40% increase the usage of recycled plastic in packaging.

But it wasn’t just plastics which featured in the budgetary agenda, of Sunak’s many points, one that particularly caught our eye was that the red diesel tax will be scrapped for most sectors, in two years’ time.

The announcement should help to reduce the country’s emissions, with the chancellor referring to the previous scheme as a “£2.4bn tax break for pollution which has hindered the development of cleaner alternatives.”

But what does this mean for companies like UNTHA, that are committed to manufacturing clean, energy-efficient technologies?

Commenting on the environmental plans, our sales director Gary Moore said: “The removal of the red diesel tax relief for the majority of sectors – excluding agriculture, horticulture, pisciculture, forestry and rail – is definitely a step in the right direction for the country’s air quality and overall environmental agenda.“At UNTHA, we’re passionate about offering energy and cost-efficient, electric-drive machines, not only because it’s less damaging to the environment, but also because it ensures lower operating costs for our customers.

Gary continued: “The new tax system should incentivise and drive people towards making cleaner, more sustainable choices. So, in the case of shredders, this will mean that low-energy electric machines will be favoured over traditional diesel hydraulic units, as they will be greener and much more profitable to run.”

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